Sunday, April 15, 2007

SUNSHINE, the movie

Fifty years into the future, the sun is dying. Man’s last hope lies with a heroic group of eight astronauts and scientists aboard the spaceship Icarus II charged with delivering a stellar fission bomb into the heart of the sun. Their predecessors on the Icarus I mysteriously failed in their mission never to be heard from again...until now. When contact with earth is cut and Icarus I is discovered languishing in space, things begin to unravel. As the crew members find themselves pushed to the breaking point, the question becomes: will they succeed in saving mankind or succumb to the light?
Source: 20th Century Fox

It was almost midnight. I was all set to hit the sack. JD and YI called to watch a horror movie in Mid Valley.

I drove like a maniac to catch the mid night show.

As soon as I parked the car JD called, the tickets for the movie Jangan Pandang Belakang was sold out.


Since we were already at the cinema and they already bought 2 large pop corns, we decided (or rather I did) to just watch whatever available.

We ended up watching SUNSHINE with Michele Yeoh.

It was a total CRAP!

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