Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RSVPs drama

My friends are wierd.

They ARE!

My poor secretary (and I) had to deal with them ALL.

Ms. IK: I think I am the first to respond. Please ask Encik M, is there is a present for me.

Ms. RL (when asked whether she was coming): It's okay. I will deal with M directly.

M: Is Mr. JJ comig?
Secretary: That friend of yours talked a lot.
M: Is he coming?
Secretary: I don't know. He didn't say.
(That is typical JJ)

TF: Is it your birthday
M: Yeah! 21st!
TF: Have a great party. I'll party here (in the US) with EE

Dr. N: Can I bring a friend to intro to you?
M: Errrrrrr

IFH: So, this girl is invited. Hmm I am going to feel wierd man.
M: Dude I have recieved a couple of phone calls checking who's coming who's not. But they are ALL girls who asked these wiered questions...
IFH: Ouch! You are lucky I am in the office, or else I'd scream at you!

T.I.T.S: What's the theme?
M: Ruby Red
T.I.T.S: Oh OK. I will cover myself with rubies... and sapphire

Secretary: Ni mesti mabuk kan?
M: No lah!

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