Thursday, October 30, 2008

LOVE @ 1st Sight - 29

It’s official!


Two admirers. I am not surprised if Fiat 600D was their first car

Before lunch I did my weekly mail box checking and Love at first sight is now a member of Malaysia – Singapore Vintage Car Register.

I went to one event during ramadhan recently in Royal Selangor Club.

It was really fun to be together with a bunch of enthusiasts who are passionate about their collections.

i used to own this very model years ago but the mechanic in Bentong is still working on it. One of these days i am going to get RARS to beat him up get the car done. Dang hopeless bastard!

I listened to stories how painful it was to restore their vintage “babies”.

One guy was very lucky to find and old 280s in an estate in Negeri Sembilan with very low mileage on it. He had to go through months of “courting” to convince and old auntie to sell the Merc to him. He has been a proud owner for years and won several trophies. I have seen the car and it’s immaculate for a model which was built circa 1960s.

After talking to several other collectors, I think it is safe to say that most of them are rather eccentric. They can talk about their cars forever! In lengthy technical details.

The only set back is, I was the youngest in the crowd. It’s not easy to break the ice yet. I hope to get to know them better in more events to come.

Elvis's pink Caddilac

Next month, they are organizing a trip to Penang for 2 days. Drive from KL all the way to Penang, get together with members in Penang and parade the cars on the island.

I'd be very happy if I could afford to keep one of these.

Sound interesting, but to hang around these old people for 2 days in Penang without my regular buddies and hangouts….

Hmm.. that’s going to be quite a challenge as much as I’d love to show off Love At First Sight to the Penangites.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yang menari bersamaku di Ancol

Yang terlompat-lompat kayak umurnya 17 tahun

Yang kasutnya kayak kain sarong

Yang senyumannya amat manis dan menawan

Yang terketawa kecil bila ku sebut perkataan “BRONDONG”

Yang terketawa kecil bila ku sebut perkataan “BASIAN”

Yang @dimples@

Yang di Google, didapati dimples on empty stool

Yang memanggil orang orang pieces “Tukang Gombal”

Yang Bunda nya teman baik ku

Yang Ibu kandungnya juga teman baik ku

Yang memandangku sewaktu aku ngobrol sama Bundanya

Yang berjam jam berada di dalam kegelapan tempat parkir Mal Darmawangsa

Yang memainkan lagu Kekasih Gelapku pada telfonnya

Yang rambutnya lembut dan halus dibawah topinya

Yang mengajarku “bobo is tidur.. itu kata kata halus n sweet”

Yang mahu ketemu aku dalam mimpi nya

Yang menjanjikan pijat kapan badan ku capek

Yang menjerit: “M!!!!! Aku happy dengar suara kamu!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yang menoleh dan ingin mencari tahu siapakah gerangannya aku

Yang memanggil ku “Babe” kerna reflex

Yang mengajak ku for a nice dinner sebelum aku pulang ke KL tapi engak bisa

Yang bertanya:

“Kamu percaya pada pacaran long distance?”

Monday, October 20, 2008

1 Wedding, 2 Funerals and way too many open houses.

Since 1st of Syawal, I attended 2 funerals.

Two grande dames of our big families.

One related by marriage, another by blood.

I was, naturally, closer to the one related to us by blood - my grand aunt. She used to give a verbal history how naughty my father when he was a young boy in the kampung, in Terengganu, among others.

It felt weird to meet great your family with:

Selamat Hari Raya and then, Takziah.

Funerals are reminders.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hari Raya Open House

Who invented this?

It makes you fat.

It causes

1 massive traffic jam on middle ring road 2 throughout the weekends of Syawal

2 over eating

Speed Limit

I do detest reckless driving


if we have an Interstate standard highway, why is the speed limit is only 110km/h?

i am not asking for an autobahn standard, but our cars are equipped with top speed of more than 120km/h!

i have 7 speeding tickets within 5 months. it sucks!

can someone get the government to increase the speed limit


any of you know whom can i "kowtim" the tickets?

i am broke.

i went to kuantan again today and i hardly touched 120km/h.

it was a longer drive than usual. i snacked (junk food) through out!

slower speed = longer driving time = more junk food = weight gain!


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Then & Now

This is the exact album cover (vinyl! not CD boys!) - my favorite when I was small. My brother introduced to me. This was the 70's where teenagers were crazy about bell bottom pants and flowery shirts.

My eldest brother (and my other brothers) loves hi-fi, beside high powered motorcycle and cars. To think of it all 5 of us went through those boys' toys stages.

That was my ABBA debut.

I still keep The Best of ABBA CD's and the whole compilation in my IPOD. In fact I am listening to it while writing this blog.

It brings back growing up memories, me and my brothers - also my introduction to music and sound system.

Tonight, RoRo was kind enough to give me and BB and KL tickets for MAMAMIA.

Thanks RoRo! We got good seats, I must say!

It was a brilliant and entertaining movie. I am not really a fan of musicals but this one kept me entertained without dozing off throughout the entire movie.

And it brough back the memory when I grew up with my brother singing to Chiquitita, Fernando, Dancing Queen etc etc.

Come on! Admit it! DaNcInG QuEeN is still one of our favorite party songs right???

Love the movie and don't mind watching it again with my buddies.

We should reserve the whole back row so that we can dance and sing along throughout the movie.

If you haven't watch it, please make a point to. You don't have to grow up in the 70's to be able to enjoy it!

I still cannot get over Pierce Brosnan singing with - like emotional DOUBLE O SEVEN

Friday, October 03, 2008

All That Jazz

KK, as kind as always, invited me to Diana Krall concert.

I went.

What a great company.

Pretty entertained - besides the grand piano - double bass, drum and guitar.

Brilliant performance.

The plenary hall was only 70% full so we moved to the front towards the end and the acoustic was a lot better, closer to the stage. Could see Krall more clearly. It was goood!

When she sang Let's Face The Music And Dance, discreetly a couple decided to dance in a little corner at the back throughout the whole song.

Awwwwwww.... very romantic.