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C N Liew

Homage to 31st August, National Day
Acrylic, Gold and Ink on canvas
308cm x 125cm (2005-2007)

Calligraphy award for KL artist

Local artist C. N. Liew received the Special Prize Award at the inaugural 2005 Seoul Calligraphy Biennale held from July 7 to 20 in Seoul.

The Kuala Lumpur-born artist was awarded for his Chinese calligraphy work, entitled "Diffusion of Brush and Ink".

Liew, who advocates artistic authennticity and the philosophy of Zen Buddhism in his artwork, was the only Malaysian who was invitied to participate in the event along with 70 other established artists from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Italy and the United States.

The grand prize was awarded to Chinese artist Zhu Ming for his abstract piece titled "Quiet Wind". Other special prize recipients were french artist Christine Dabadie-Fabreguettes, Seuk Yong Jin from Korea and Yamamoto Taikou from Japan.

Organised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and other art authorities and organisations in Korea, the event was aimed at promoting traditional and contemporary calligraphy.

Liew said he was honoured to be part of the event and the award was surprise bonus.

"I am thankful to the organising committee. My achievements should be credited to my country and I want to share my joy with my mentors and friends," said the 30-year-old.

soource: The Star 28 July 2005

Ode to Revolution
Che Guevara
Ink & Colour on rice paper
98cm x 90cm (2003)

"For Truely Great Man, One SHould Look Within This Age's Ken" - Mao Ze Dong
(Surrealligraphy Series)
Colour & Ink on rice paper
98cm x 90cm (2007)

"Che and Mao are the "innovation icons" of the 20th century. The arts today needs revolution and innovation. I painted Che and Mao because these are two icons inspire the path of my arts"

Artist, Painter, Calligrapher, Critic and Contributing Writter of Newspapers & Magazines.

a Q
(Surrealligraphy Series)
Colour & Ink on rice paper
98cm x 45cm (2006)

Art Education
Student of the renowned Zen Art Master, The Most Venarable Bo Yuan
(b.1908~) and Mr Tan Swie Hian, Member-Correspondent. Academy of
Fine Arts, Institute of France.

The highest good is like that of water - verse of Lao Zi
(Surrealligraphy Series)
Colour & Ink on rice paper
98cm x 90cm (2006)

Special Prize Award.
2000 Works were entered into World Chinese Calligraphy &
Painting Records, endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of
The People’s Republic of China and published by China
Culture and Art Publication.
1998 Winner of “The Best Consumer Report Award” (Chinese
Category) organized by Ministry of Domestic Trade and
Consumer Affairs, Malaysia.
1998 Winner (Group) of “The Best Finance Report Award” by Institute
Akhbar, Malaysia.
1997 Winner of “The Best Consumer Report Award” (Chinese
Category) organized by Ministry of Domestic Trade and
Consumer Affairs, Malaysia.
1995 Excellent Award for Calligraphy & Painting-The Global
Calligraphy & Painting Competition, organised by Taiwan
Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission.
International BIENNALE
2005 In conjunction with the “2005 SEOUL CALLIGRAPHY
BIENNALE” Seoul, Korea.

(Surrealligraphy Series)
Ink on rice paper
98cm x 90cm (2006)

Solo Exhibitions
2007 Surrealligraphy And Literary Works By C. N. LIEW,
Art House Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.
2006 Art Fashions Showcase
(Collaborated with Designer Carven Ong),
Bankers Club, Kuala Lumpur.
2005 “Arts For All“--Art Fashions Showcase For Charity
(Collaborated with Designer Carven Ong),
Bukit Kiara Equestrian And Country Resort,
Kuala Lumpur.
2005 Asthetic Imagery--Works By C. N. LIEW,
Art House gallery, Kuala Lumpur.
2004 Emptiness, Birth of Forms,
Pangkor Laut Beach Resort, Dreaming Island.
2003 Emptiness, Birth of Forms,
Plum Blossoms Gallery, Singapore.
2001 Splendid Mind, Spacious Forms,
Shiang’s Art & Sculpture Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.
The Collective Works on the exhibition was produced by the
organizer, Soka Gakkai Malaysia and a Talk on
Contemporary Calligraphy was organized by Sin Chew Daily

Sudden Enlightenment II
(Surrealligraphy Series)
Colour & Ink on rice paper
98cm x 45cm (2006)

2007 Affinity Meet ing- -C. N. LIEW’s Interviews Wi t h
Famous And Outstanding Personalities (Coming Soon)
2005 Asthetic Imagery--Works By C. N. LIEW.
2004 Chief Editor of “Th e Complete Works of The
Three Genius (Prof. Dato’ Yim Yoo Loon, Dato’ Sim Mow
Yu and The Most Ven. Bo Yuan)”, published by Ling Lian
Yu Fund.
2003 Emptiness, Birth of Forms--Contemporary Ink Painting &
Calligraphy, Works By C. N. LIEW, published by Plum
Blossoms Gallery.
2003 The Collective Works of The Most Venerable Bo Yuan & His
Disciple C. N. LIEW, published by Hu Bing Vihara.
2003 Chief Editor of “The Complete Works By Professor Dato’
Yim Yoo Loon.”
2001 Splendid Mind, Spacious Forms--Works By C. N. LIEW,
published by Soka Gakkai Malaysia.
2000 Chief Editor of “Serenity & Tranquility--The Zen Art of Most
Venerable Bo Yuan”. Published by Hu Bing Vihara.

Kong Fu - Martial Art
(The Energy of Strokes)
Ink on rice paper
180cm x 98cm (2003)

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