Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday with my Brondong

It has been a while.

I took my Brondong out for breakfast today.


Big Bad Wolf book sales

The biggest book sales n the world.

Despite still feeling a bit under the weather, I braved myself, and my nephews and harvest these titles from the Mines.

I thought books in Kathmandu were cheap. These are DIRT cheap.

I am very happy with my purchase.

NatGeo books and beautiful - and inspiring.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Most Loyal Travel Companion

I love this pair and now its very comfy to hike with. 

I will get them washed, disinfected and oil it. And then its gonna be back to its original beauty. 

Haven't washed them since my last hike in the Himalayas.

Tibetan Rug

I purchased this at a Tibetan Refugee Centre in Kathmandu. 

I do collect rugs from different part of the world. This one adds to my favorite collection.

An American lady from Boston happened to stay at the same hotel in Kathmandu. She also acquired some pieces from the same place. She had a degree in fabrics or something like that. She told me Tibetan rugs are one of the finest on the world. She was embarrassed to pay so cheap for such high quality work of art.

It looks damn good in my office.

Be warned. Its wool. Wash it only with cold water.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Framing Job

I have to say, framing is a totally different skill all together.

I don't have any intention to get into this. 

I draw a line, I only shoot and print. I don't do framing.

However, I think it is interesting to design the framing to match the interior of a hotel, a home. Its part of ID and furnishing.

Photography and Installation for BWP

Best Western Premier commissioned me to clad the walls of Best Western Hotel flagship in Malaysia.

Despite my busy schedule with my trips to Kuatan, I dedicated 2 solid weeks to deliver the job. Sleepless nights and sweaty days.

It took a lot of planning and designing and also communicating with many parties including large printer shop, the hotel and the framing shops. Major coordination job.

I gave my all.

I promised the owner the best I could give.

This was not really a photography job. Its more of an Interior Design job, which I really want to get into.

Large Format Printer Dreams...

A couple of months ago, I went to PWTC for the large format printer exhibition - or something like that.

I shot this with my i-phone while walking between the exhibition halls.

Now, these are VERY LARGE format printers!

I don't need that as I am not into billboards and medium format camera.

I only need one of these babies over here so that I can print large format in the comform of my office - at home ;-)

It shall be mine.


I remember, certain stretches while I was walking with Onchu Sherpa, all I could hear was the soft (but cold) wind against my ears, our foot-steps on the lonely sandy path of a barren land, water running deep down in the half frozen valley and my very own breathing. It was quite difficult to even stride, step by step by (endless) step. But the view was just magnificent! 

To think of it, it wasn't really the destination. It was the journey with my great friends I treasure most. I certainly don't mind doing it again.