Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So old yet so cool

One of the perks that come with my job is having to report to cool bosses.

They are old people with hardly any ego or having the need to tell people who they are or how successful they are. Very established yet simple and extremely down to earth.

One of them entered my room. Besides asking how I was doing, making lunch plan or telling me about his golf games, he also complained about not very happy sitting in one of the boards.

What are you waiting for, just resign from the board lah. Besides you have several other boards with all the perks that come with it. And you are already retired and you shouldn't be coming to the office. People will come to you to get your signature and all. Enjoy your life la DSR!

You right lah M. You right. I am waiting for Tabung Haji to get him Umrah visa but they are very SLOW. I need to plan for my golf holiday in Perth.

After complaining about Tabung Haji and it's Minister he fiddled with his hand phone and played out loud Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy.

Retired, yet still very COOL!


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy just to have a job at the age of 50. I foresee intensity of competition both externally and internally in an org to be far greater than today. I hope the education standards in today's uni goes down. I need a job in my 50s. I got mortgage to pay.

Rusty King & I

shemeq said...

King & I:
I want to retire and ride the world in my 50s. I met o ne guy in Chiangmai last year who did just that. Wow!