Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joyeux Noël
et bonne année

Vic, a business partner from Australia was here recently. I took his shopping for watches in KLCC.

He was very impressed with the size of Christmas tree on the concourse level.

Man, this is the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen. It is interesting M for Malaysia to have this besides the fact that it’s a Muslim country.

Craig, we started as business friends but now I consider him a friend friend, from South Africa.

I recently shot him an email to get his postal address to send him the (non virtual) Christmas card. (Something I do every year for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali and I make a point to personally sign each of them, not my secretary!)

Craig went:

Hi M,

Good to hear from you! My multicultural international friend – a Christmas card from a Muslim.

Not many people (even those who have been to Malaysia, or even some Malaysians) realize how tolerant we are, as Muslims and as Malaysians.

Side note: in Indonesia Christmas tree is called pohon natal.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yesterday, Monday – One of JD’s longest Monday blues day.

He caused traffic chaos at the busy junction of Sultan Ismail and Raja Laut.

His fuel tank was empty and stranded in the busy Monday morning traffic.

Only RM 2 in his wallet.

His road-tax was expired.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was busy with my family when I received an sms from JT. Of course I read it the way the Sabahans do.

By the way I used to collect antique and period furniture before, and now they are all over my siblings’.

Do you know where to sell off antiques ah darling?

Christie’s Auction (duh!)

In Malaysia bah!

Apa yang kau mau jual?

It’s an antique Chinese coffee table abt 40 yrs old & belongs to Sultan Abu Bakar.. amacam?

Antiques are 100 yrs or more. Kalu 40 yrs is antique, kita ni antique la dok!!!!

Hahahahahah.. butul jugak kan
Doc, take off your shades!


Enjoy the view! (of the climb to Genting Peres – the border of Negeri Sembilan and Selangor)

You have to be there to appreciate the (cycling) beauty of the place. The horizon of different shades of green, the mist and the clouds lurking like cotton wool, the fresh air, perfect road-ride weather. We were surrounded by hills of trees and jungle of millions of years old riding our bikes with latest Kevlar and carbon technology.

This is the joy of cycling.

The joy that keep my butt on the saddle.

The joy of being liberated.

The joy of being a child again!

I purposely called DRK yesterday and committed myself to have an early ride. It was some kind of deterrent from going out clubbing and come back at three and spends half of Sunday in bed – something I want to reduce significantly.

While the SuperSix (minus 1 or 2) just got home from a party or an after party, I was already up and showered (on weekend? Hallelujah!)

It was a great ride, considering I have not been climbing for a while, I did well. 50km two hours saddle time.

As usual, we took a dip in Sungai Langat. Cold, but bloody refreshing. I was a skeptic until I soaked myself and felt like I didn’t want to go up.

Had a nice time chatting with other jovial endorphin loaded fellow cyclist while having breakfast at a kopitiam in Batu 18.

After 3 half boiled ayam kampung, a cup of Milo and 2 set of roti (homemade) kaya, I hit home and had a deep nap.


But then, it could be lovelier………


Saturday, December 13, 2008

melewati hari tanpa sapa

membuat panas udara jelas terasa

meluruhkan waktu bersama debu

tak bisa menghapus dahaga kalbu


tak terenyakkah hati

hanya untuk berkata....

"aku rindu"?

what is the meaning of

Friday, December 12, 2008

My definition of SATISFACTION

sms from JD:

JD cantik all the photos. I really like it. M is a brilliant photographer. Love it to the max! I am taking it to London. Pls txt me M's number I want to compliment him. ciao.

Aku happy!

i was assigned by JD to take pics of his relative 50th birthday as a birthday present, on Dec 5th. And it was a great party!

Monday, December 08, 2008

the last words

I was on YM

Has not done taht for years.

Now, I feel it's a handy tool to keep communications - economical.

I logged out after saying good bye and I got the same with a smiley.

The End (or so I thought...)


After a couple of minutes I logged again.

A widow appread.

I logged off too early, earlier.

There was another "last" word from the YM chat ended minutes ago.

It says:

"lop u"


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This is what I sent to JK commenting his profile picture in Facebook.

your profile pic looks soooooo G.A.Y.!!!!!!!!!

This is his 2 words reply:


That is so JK and it's damn funny.

You funny ass!