Sunday, April 22, 2007


My belated birthday party was a BLAST!

Almost everybody came except those who are away.

A good mix of friends came including my colourful party friends (still as crazy as before, dancing on the chairs and all), photography friends (comes very handy. we had 3 photographers!), cycling friends, hiking friends and old friends.

In the house there were lawyers, doctor, entrepreneurs, artist, designer, writer, architects, songket designer, music composer, corporate executives, bankers, fund managers, IT, consultants, contractor, fashion designer, pub and restaurant owners, pro photographer........

I think everybody had fun based of the sms received after the party and more the next day. Oh by the way, my next day started 8pm. I was absolutely knackered as some people stayed on until, yes, 5.30am.

My gratitude to:

Iks and KC, Marsimmo and KL: for decorating and the whole setting of the venue

Crewcut: I have the individual photos of everybody who attended the party.

Crewcut, Sam L and JoeyS: Taking the pictures of my crazy friends during the party. Can't wait to see who were flirting with whom, who were dancing on the chairs, the winners of the best dressed etc etc.

Marsimmo, JD, WF: for bringing the Dream Girls to the party. The best entertainment ever! Were we in Vegas?

CY: For the fabulous cake and pie (I got to eat them towards the end!)

MLai: The food was great. The venue was great. The service was fantastic and especially thank you for chasing us out in style at 2.15am rather than 1am and the sponsorship of the gift vouchers.

NigeM, NoreenM and MusB: The judges!

Fabulous gifts! Nice huge oil on canvas painting personally painted by RARS, Wireless Mac Keyboard and Mighty Mouse, Shisha (hubblybubbly) and framed pics from Crewcut, a set of fine French delicacies including foie gras, fresh from Paris from KC and lots of other great stuffs! I love them all!

I am on leave today, yeay!

I want a good massage.


Marsimmo said...

" ... we are your dreamgirls, dreamgirls will never leave you, and all you've gotta do is dream ... baby we'll be there ... ! "

Tq for the fabulous time !


nisa said...

I wanna see pictures!!! :) Thanks for having me ;) It was fabulous!

shemeq said...

great performance!

coming up. coming up. will put on my photomax soon!