Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dins Dins

Too lazy to go out but not to lazy to experiment.


The New S and 6

I am not really a Merc kind of guy but this new S look very nice.

I am more into this new 6. 


Jeep TLC

It's snowing in Bandar Utama. 


A cuppa

After kenduri doa selamat - near Jalan Damai


My friend and I went all over town antique hunting.

I am looking for an old, but working typewriter.  This sound merepek but I suddenly have this urge to write using a typewriter. 

Instead we found this wonderful game machine that bring back memories during school days.

This very piece was brought in from England. It's yours for RM7,500. 

Not a bad deal I though but, I don't have a space for this machine.


Solo 10km Run

I registered for StandChart 10km run - end June. Thats about a month from now. I have to train for this run.

Most are my regular kakis are still on holidays - France, Italy, Spain and Krabi. I am left behind in KL.

I woke up early on Saturday morning and decided - OK lah, I should train for StandChart run and just hit the road solo.

It is school holidays and there were not many runners along my favorite Lake Garden - Kenny Hills route.

It was my personal best 10km.


TLC for Brondong

The brakes jammed up a few times.

I have gently warned the gardener not to wet the wheels when he water the plant. The water causes corrosion to the brake drums hence the jam.

Over the weekend, I wanted to drive Brondong around. However, one of the tires was just flat.

I calle the tire-man to come over, pump all the tires and drive to the workshop near by.

I change all the tire valves - air has been escaping fast. Recommended by a friend, I asked the shop to to fill all the tires with Nitrogen - to reduce loss of air pressure. RM5 per tire.

My drive home after all the tires were fixed was really nice.

Fraser's Ride

The delicious bowl of steaming hot noodle soup, fresh cool air, a good book.


Romantic Climb

The climb up Fraser's Hill, by bicycle or motorbike - always romantic.

The now one-way road was built by the British to reach their bungalows up in the mountain to escape the heat in the valley.

Until today, I still prefer Fraser's Hill than Cameron Highlands.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I am currently reading the novel The Glass Palace by Amitav Gosh. What a brilliant novel. I haven't finished reading it yet, more than half way already.

It inspired me to ride and shoot some old places where we can still see traces of British's past in this country.

Kopitiam in Kuala Kubu baru where nasi lemak bungkus (daun pisang), telur separuh masak and roti bakar + kaya are served. My kind of breakfast.

The iron bridge crossing a river near the trail head of Sungai Chilling Waterfall trail.

A makan place at he entrance of Fraser's Hill town. I was sitting the for about an hour, enjoying the sone, bee hoon soup, a cup of hot Milo and a book.


Weekend ride

I just discovered this charming little town in the middle of Pahang. Located between Fraser's Hill, Bentong and Raub, Pahang.

It is so pretty. I just had to stopped and frame my Happy Feet.

Its clean and colorful. They are actually old well maintained shop-lots.

Notice the difference when the shops are not polluted by loud colorful signboards of brands screaming to be noticed.

"Why should India, in the name of freedom, 

come to the defense of this Satanic Empire

which is itself the greatest menace to

 liberty that the world has ever known"

- Mahatma Gandhi