Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bella Italiana - 12

This is the current (not original) steering wheel of the car.

Enrica Nardi - steering wheel

Enrico Nardi (Bologna, 1907 - August 23, 1966) was an Italian racing car driver, engineer and designer.

He worked at Lancia between 1929 and 1937 as a truck engineer, racing car driver, and later, advisor to Vincenzo Lancia. He was moderately successful as a driver by 1932, when, with Augusto Monaco, he created the Nardi-Monaco Chichibio.

Nardi himself also competed in Mille Miglia, sharing a Fiat 508 Balilla with J. McCain in 1935 and with M. Trivero in 1936, as well as a Lancia Augusta Berlina with Vittorio Mazzonis in 1937, and a Lancia Aprilia with P. U. Gobbato in 1938.

Working at Scuderia Ferrari from 1937 until 1946, Nardi became known for setting up the Fiat 508 (chassis for the 1940 Auto Avio Costruzioni 815), and doing the development work following Massimino's design; he also co-drove an 815 with owner Lotario Rangoni in the 1940 Mille Miglia. [source: wikipedia]

Resourceful David managed to get one of Nardi's steeringwheel - with signature on it - DAMN!

What a beauty!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bella Italiana - 11

Little Enzo has been stripped totally.

All the small parts, the chromes, wondows, windsheild has been taken out.

Only the body left and now ready for the next step: Sandblasting the car to bare metal.

It looks rather scary without all the parts - like a piece of junk in a scrap yard.

The weak-hearted would say - there is NO way I can restore this car.

I still think ti's a beauty - because I already know how it's going to look like once its ready. you just have to wait and see - and trust me.
To some people, it is not a big deal. It's not even a half marathon. It's only 10km.

To me, it is a big deal.

It's my personal achievement and I can add this one in the list of things I have achieved in my life - and proud of it.

The feeling is almost similar (though in different magnitude - and altitude) to conquering Mount Kinabalu a couple of years ago, also with a bunch of really good friends.

I gotta thanks my friends who encouraged me to get into this and also who trained with me on Saturdays at 6.45am through beautiful part of KL and Kenny Hill.

That was my first marathon and it was quite an eye opener for a newbie like me. It was rather fun.

I completed 10km in 67 minutes.
Personal best.

Friends already suggested to participate Shah Alam run - 15km, early August. Has to register soon as the closing date is 4th July, I think.

Let's run!!!

p/s even though this was my first marathon, the kaki complain in me spotted a few shortcomings on the part of organizer. You know, small things that can make a lot of difference for a better organized event.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bella Italiana - 10

David has assigned one of the boys to take out the engine and he will be resposible on the restoration of the engine.

I specifically told him to dismantle the parts carefully.

In a way it is a good training for the mechanic to learn a basic old engine - before it evolved into what we find today - engine with electronics and computer chips.

Job sheet opened. Work in progress just commenced on the engine and mechanical parts.

The mechanic assigned by David specifically to undertake the restoration of the engine under David's supervision.

The engines has been taken out - gearbox remains.

Beautiful piece. Check out the 4 exhaust pipes coming out gracefully from the engine. Look like serpents.

From the top. The pic is a bit blur. Camera shake - my hand was not stable. At the same time I was listening to David's plans.

Davod tried to prove to me that the seats are original.

Rear view sans engine.
Enroute to Kuantan, we passed my favorite little fishing village called Nenasi.

I stopped here a couple of times before but just for a short span. After clicking a few pics my foot will be back on the pedal in a few minutes.

This time was different.

It was almost sunset. The kampung was, as usual, very quiet – the silence regularly broken by the passing traffic – just like me, in a hurry to go back to Kuantan.

This time around, we actually parked our car and automatically look for ways to get onto the wooden jetty then to the boat.

It was peaceful and the timing was perfect. We actually watched the sun set while having a few puffs on the mildly rocking boat with breeze touching our face. Fresh!

We even had a chat with 2 villagers – fishermen, listened to their complain about sudden diminish of fish population in their area. It was drastic (according to them) since the big Tsunami.

Some times the went out to the sea but the catch was so little, the could even cover the duit minyak – cost of fuel.

Sad really.

GPS is the way to go – from Temerloh to Kuala Rompin. I know the faster route but we decided to be a bit adventurous. We ended up in Chenoh.

It’s a beautiful quiet road. Perfect for rod rides. About 40 odd kilometers of almost empty road along beautiful Pahang river. (sepanjang panjang nye!).

I kept a mental note – should get the gang to ride this stretch to Rompin – should be fun!

There was, unfortunately a stretch of about 200 meters max where the rod is being repaired, slopes reinforced and slightly new alignment constructed. I was quite worried to drive through the rough with a sedan, but it turned out very OK.

The meeting went very well considering my first time meeting the new officer (District Forestry Officer – Pegawai Hutan Daerah). We almost immediately became friends.

I actually (I can’t believe it!) asked –

So you ada masuk hutan tak?

He smiled and said

Ye lah!

In my heart:

Dah nama Pegawai Hutan (Bodoh nye!)

But I got my message across. He promised me to invite me to go into the remote jungle of Pahang with his team when they have assignments. They like to camp and fish. Apparently there are series of beautiful waterfalls in Pahang which not many people know. Please pray it’s going to come true – at least I can share the pics with you.

We had the tarik session after the meeting in the (small) town of Kuala Rompin. There are two roads (each is about 400 meters) perpendicular to each other. One street has all the grocers and mini market etc, busy in the morning. Another one has food stall (gerai makan) and busy at night. The locals call them Chow Kit and Bangsar respectively.


But the sotong goreng tepung – calamari – was delicious! (sorry no pics. I was too busy talking and stuffing my face.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I just stumbled upon a PDF format of KLIA magazine that mention my photography contribution in the inaugural issue of TELL magazine.

Here it is.

I recently had to attend a meeting in Rompin.
That’s about 4 hours drive from KL.
Knowing that it was going to be a long drive and the meeting is going to be sometimes in the late afternoon, I managed to con MMK to accompany me.
He is unemployed (by choice) any way so what is better than exploring by car.

We first stopped at Temerloh.

I have not been to this town for the longest time. The long drive with my father donkey years ago with our car packed with my siblings.

I really like the photo with an old Malay man reading News Straits Times with Puah Chu Kang boots on. Credit goes to MMK who initiated the art direction. I just pressed the button on my compact camera.

I remember the old bridge (probably the longest bridge I’d seen then) – which is no longer there now – only the stumps left. I think the old bridge had more character.

MMK can be creative, when he wants to – and resourceful too (characteristic of a good salesman). He went down to the empty jetty and waved at a boat on the other side of the big river. Amazingly his wave was acknowledged and the boat actually came and fetch us.

Abang nak gi mana?

Pusing pusing! (while moving our index fingers in circular motions - luckily the boatman was not an Indonesian as "pusing" means headache or dizzy)

We hopped in and the boatman just took us upstream to see the Patin fish farms. We also cruise along the big-ass TEMERLOH signage and underneath the bridge.

It was a spur of the moment kinda decision and that made it even more fun.

It cost us RM20.

Well worth it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love these shoes. Very light and sufficient cushion to absorb impacts and very comfy (unlike bike shoes)

Just completed about 12km morning run.

We planned to run 10 but on the way back N realized she dropped her keys somewhere near Kenny Hills. We had to track back and I spotted the key about 1km back.

It's like a forced 2km distance but I din't mind at all.

We saw TSB (he lost a bit of weight!) and later on found out he completed 10km also through his FB.

Bought N birthday breakfast. It's her birthday today (and 4 of my other friends!).

Didn't sleep well last night. Its always like that - if I run the next day, I felt like I was going to the airport - takut lambat.

KL Marathin is next weekend.

Wish me luck. I need it, badly!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The editor of my cycling club, PCC (Pedalholics Cycling Club) love the pics.

He published the one below and a few more in other pages - and my writeup too.

(In my opinion, some of the best mountain biking photos I’ve seen. You have really captured the essence and the beauty of some of the reasons we ride. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing more photos from you – Ed)

I love his remarks. Well said.


1- you may click on the image to see a bigger version and read the newsletter called Spokes and Nipples.

2-sorry for the redundancy as I have posted these images before. This blog is also my electronic journal for my personal consumption - to electronically record the journey of my life - accessible via the net, and of course I love sharing it with all of you out there.
A casual drive, at night from Nenasi to Kuantan.

I was in Rompin earlier to attend a meeting.

Love the empty road.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bella Italiana - 09

David declared his new found treasure for Little Enzo.

Some of those little boxes have not been open, since the 60's

A pair of signal lights

New swithches for the lights and windshield wipers

Carburator cap - made of porcelain.

Brake shoes

Radiator hose

Shock absorber

Front dim lights

Water container for the radiator

Radiator fan

New set of ignition switch.