Saturday, November 09, 2013

Street Food

Bangkok street food. I like them

Grilled banana
My favorite - mango and sticky rice. I have this at Suvarnabhum all the time - even during transit. Yummy!

You can find this scene almost everywhere in Bangkok - or rather in Thailand . The Thais are one of the most enterprising people I have ever met.


Happy Haloween

Spotted this at Publika. I squeezed 20 minutes before a meeting to check out an outdoor shop. Major disappointment. I prefer to pay a bit more and get good quality stuff. I don't trust Made in China

4 Corners

Would love to ride my motorbike around Peninsula Malaysia. Take a few days off with 4 or 5 rider s. That would be fun.

In the list.
I tried to escape from the insects outside my tent. The didn't seem to go away even insect repellant was applied. Decided to stay in my tent and read my book. I saw this one crawling on my tent. 

Its out side. Its small. This is a blowup.

Bye bye BKK

Almost a week in Thailand - company trip. 2 nights in Pattaya (yuck!) and 3 nights in Bangkok (I like!). The name of this airport is pronounced with silent "I".

Get it right!

My dream car

My dream car - I will get it.

Sup Tulang

I prefer to stem the potatoes separately.

Onion, ginger, garlic. I prefer more garlic. I love garlic

Don't just buy any meat / cuts. I personally prefer ribs. Personally selected from my favorite butcher in TTDI market

My sister thought me - all meat, poultry included need to be soaked in salt water first - for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Cook the meat until it becomes brown (jus a bit) to seal the chunks.

Brown ike this ;-)

Slow cook for 3 hours

Squeeze some lime when you serve it. I forgot where I put the presentation photo. Damn it!

Alia Bastamam

Up and coming Malaysian designer. I like her design. Very simple almost minimalist yet still very elegance. An she herself has a very nice personality. A bubbly girl with lots of potential.

Venue: Frangipani