Friday, October 22, 2010

My humble abode is READY!

Woo Hoo!

Sydney Revisited

After a month of house renovation and moving into my new home, puasa, hari raya and a hectic week right after Hari Raya, I decided to tag along a couple of friends for their holidays in Sydney.

Been to Sydney a couple of time before. In fact I took my bicycle to Sydney and Melbourne before for mountain biking in eucalyptus forest and of course exploring the city on 2 wheels.

This time around, I knew I was not going too enthusiastic about exploring the city because I was not my first time. Instead I wanted to experience as if I was living there. So I actually brought my running shoes and cooked breakfast.

This time around, we carried baby stroller because my friend’s 2-year-old Baby Bubu decided to have his first Aussie holidays.

It was the usual take is easy, laid-back sort of holidays. I didn’t have my checklist of places to go, things to see or stuff to buy. It was totally go-with-the-flow.

Sydney is Sydney as you and I always expect.

The different and fun about this trip was we get to hangout with the locals who knows every nooks and cranny of the city they live in – it’s a typical love / hate relationship they have – like I do with Kuala Lumpur.

Because of the locals who are now our friends, we managed to check out finest clubs and restaurants chauffeured driven in one of the finest British automotive.

The best to my liking is still a little Italian restaurant called Fratelli Paradiso. It is not a fine dining place but everything about the place is Italian. The owner, the waiters, and chef. The menu is written on the wall and verbally presented by the waiter in English but in a very THICK Italian accent. I have decided the Italians are sexier than the French.

Do check it out if you are ever in Sydney, located up the hill on Challis Avenue, in Potts Point.

One of the best experiences I had during this trip was having Bubu falling asleep in my arms on my shoulder. He is such and adorable baby – just like an angel.