Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Melenggang Perut

This is a ceremony practiced by the Malay community in the olden days. If you look into the detail of the ceremony, it is totally unIslamic. I think it has been practiced due to the influence of Hinduism and Animistic, before the arrival of Islam into the Malay peninsula.
It is quite interesting, to me.

I have heard about it but never really bother about the details and the significance of it, until last weekend. I thought it was just a method to determine the gender of a first born depending on where the coconut rolls once place on the belly of a 7-month-pregnant lady.

It is more than that. I suspect it has something to do with getting the blessing from the spirit for safe delivery of a first born. Offerings are included where pulut kuning is served.
There are various "ingredients" involved including 7 pieces of batiks.

What are the batiks for

For the midwife

Yeah but, why SEVEN

Oh.. those batiks are for the SEVEN midwives that YOU CANNOT SEE

Spooky !
Actually to think of it, this is so much similar to the culture in Bali, with the offerings and all..

+4 -2

4 of my friends recently decided to take their relationship one step further. Many rings exchanged hands.

2 of my friends just broken up. Suffer-ring time.

One of them hopes the love bug will bite me too.

Not sure whether I still believe in a relationship or not.

Not sure whether I still have the capacity to love either....

 pix: Mangkuk, Terengganu

Monday, December 24, 2007


We managed to get tickets for the KL Philharmonic Orchestra 1st anniversary. Pieces from movies were performed. I am not a connoisseur of music but I think the performance was just brilliant.

The members of the orchestra are volunteers, musicians from different walks of lives. The common platform is their passion in music.

They deserve a standing ovation. In fact they were given one by the audience at the end of the show.


right after i clicked this with my hand-phone, one of the boys approached me:

sir, you are not allowed to take pictures in here. 

i knew i wasn't supposed to do that, but i just could not resist. i had to shoot. it was an inspiration for a photography project, hopefully it will materialize one day.

KL actually has so much to offer.

i politely apologized after that.

To All

pic shot in sunway

Go and Fly Kite

Recent Hari Raya Haji trip to Kuala Terengganu was quite an eye opener. I have not covered kite or wau making. I had the opportunity to meet a wau maestro, Encik Mazlan.

He has been making kites for the past 25 years and his son is following his foot steps now. They don't just make kites. They make award winning kites!

As soon as I arrived at his house, I immediately fall in love with one of his kite. Very different than the wau that I have seen before. This one has batik motif on it and it's beautiful!
He didn't want to put a price, but I insisted to buy. Reluctantly he and his son agreed to a price.

I was wondering why the reluctance...
Apparently the wau I chosed has won competitions. They love the frame.

Now it is on the wall of my apartment.

It was not an easy task to squeeze the wau into my car, but we managed, surprisingly.

♥@ 1st sight - 06

Once bitten twice shy.

This time around, I am determined to carefully in choose the workshop to restore the little FIAT. I have learned from that bastard who was supposed to do up the Morris Minor years ago. Until today, after a couple of Chinese New Years later (you see, I was promised completion CNY 2005!) the car is like an old metal carcass  in Bentong. 

I gave up.

One day i am going to need my bouncer to teach him a lesson!

Razip inspecting the engine - it's at the back of the car. My brother call it "spare engine" as if the one in the front (which never exist anyway) was missing.

I did some homework, browsed to the net, made some calls. Finally, I landed on Torino Auto Industries Sdn Bhd - authorized distributor of FIAT in Malaysia. My primary concerns are to get the right people to do the job. Right people meaning technically capable individuals to handle old cars and also resourceful enough to source for the spare-parts.
I am lucky. I met 2 individuals at Torino Auto. Razip is passionate about engine (esp. old ones) - his favourite past time after work is to look and appreciate old engines. Another one is David - he has 2 units of fully restored FIAT 600D. He knows where to source for the parts. Both are passionate! 


with its cousin - younger, sleeker, faster - Coupe Turbo

Most of the young mechanics were fascinated by the simple nature of the engine and compare to what FIAT has today. I was impressed with the innovations then which evolved into the current Coupe Turbos, Brava etc...

The car attracted so much attention and people gave me all sorts of suggestions on how to work on the car. I am not a car expert, hence I have to trust these people. I have a good feeling they are capable.

Razip: I like old cars, especially the Fiat. It a simple basic engine. After work I can just look at the engine and appreciate how is done and its simple mechanism.

"so, thats how they did it in then...."

I wished I had the time to restore it with them. Based on my furniture restoration days, I am quite sure I will enjoy doing it bit by bit. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of time.

So, I leave it to the good hands of a couple of enthusiasts, with passion, at Torino Auto.

****** fingers crossed******

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Petaling Street - after dark

I had to take one of my Australian guests to Petaling Street. Not his first time. He knows his way around KL - better than me! (especially when it comes to LRT, monorail and train).

He asked me one day whether he could take the train from Mid Valley to KL Sentral to go back to his hotel. I said - NO.

He proved me wrong.

For your info, you can take the KTM Komuter from Mid Valley to KL Sentral.

Only 1 stop, only 1 Ringgit. I can actually take the train and have lunch with Mr. D70s.

I followed him to get his son 4 Billabong caps - you know one of those those knockoffs.

I decided to be a tourist and managed to capture these images of the internationally known street for its display and sales of genuine imitations.

Bumped into this bloke selling an alternative source of information on current political development. (development?) before we got back into Putra line to Sentral.

Year End

Seriously, I am already in a holiday mood.

But for my partners, typical Chinamen enterpreneurs, business as usual. No indication of slowing down towards Christmas and New Year. To them, only the stock market takes a bit of a break before Christmas and New Year.

I don't really feel like working since I worked my ass off the whole of last week, hosting and organizing JV meeting with a bunch of Aussies, Japs and Brazilian. It was good, everybody was happy.

I had a hard time explaining to them about the recent street protests. It doesn't look good really. But, Malaysia has a good track record of being stable. I really hope the government will handle this matter carefully before FDI decide to go for alternative locations.

Today, I sneaked out after lunch with the bunch of friends who I climbed Mount Kinabalu last year.

We went to TTDI for foot massage session.

RM40 per session + RM10 tip. Well worth it!

Nenasi, Pahang

It's a little fishing town, between Pekan and Rompin along the coastal road. Every time I drive a long the road, I always say to myself - One day I should get a bunch of cycling friends to ride through this beautiful route. 

It has not materialized yet.

One day it will.

I am not sure how the little village got its name. Perhaps the combo between nenas (pineapple) and nasi (rice) because there are padi fields in the vicinity. However, I did not see any pineapple though...

I was there one week earlier. Recently some of the roads connected to the place were flooded.

Monsoon is back, BIG TIME!

Monday, December 17, 2007

♥@ 1st sight - 05

It's like a day for the FIAT 600D at the spa.

After the first spray, suddenly an army of ants appeared from the boot of the car. Resident ants I supposed.

I rushed to the grocers nearby and get a can of Ridsect.

After the wash I was happy to find out that the body is still in good condition and I do not have to expect major works on it - which mean less cost.

A few people, fellow enthusiasts, actually stopped by and asked me about the car.
It's quite a head turner - Who needs a Ferrari?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Boy and Mom

yeah, that's his mom behind him

Sunday, December 09, 2007

♥@ 1st sight - 04

Had breakfast with my cycling buddy, DRK. Roti Puri in PJ where they have 2 restaurants of the same name - Sri Paandi or something like that. The "captains" from both shops waived at us as soon as we stepped out of my car.
After 2 roti puri each i told DRK about the FIAT.

where are you going to park this one?

i don't know. i will worry about that after the restoration.

how much did you get it for?

RMX,XXX only 
(I hate questions like these - makes me nervous - did i make a bad decision.... Did I pay too much for the italian vintage - a piece of junk to some people.)

oh, thats OK. It's cheaper than my Pinarello Paris.... erm... frame only.

I felt better after that. 

Next 3 months are going to be exciting with this little project.

I attempted to restore a Morris Minor before. Unfortunately the bastard who was supposed to restore it did not complete the job and now he Morris Minor is just pieces of steel in his backyard.

Perhaps I should get my bouncer friend (who burnt his ex's car) to pay him a visit one of these days..

Saturday, December 08, 2007

You can count on Red Planet

I have known Red Planet for a long time, longer than some other friends. We've been through those period, you know, when sorta hate each other's gut! But who bloody cares? that's what friendship is all about or else we will never be good friends until today. And I know for sure unintentionally in the future we will have differences our opinions and perceptions and temporarily hurt each other's feeling but, we will still be good friends no matter what.

I remember on his birthday after Red Planet blew the candles I gave Red Planet a hug.

"Rep Planet, sometimes I really hate you but the truth is I love you as a friend. But sometimes I hate you but I love you as a friend........".

I bet it's mutual!

Red Planet, thanks for your effort to get to see IH. Thanks also for opening the Malaysian Tatler's door a few months back and got my friend, CN's, works covered and published. You have been very supportive in my passions.....

It's Saturday night, I am joining KW with his date to enjoy whatever KLPAC has to offer....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sungai Terengganu

Shot at about 5.30am
The surrounding was still dark.
The air was still, but cool.

I could hear the pre-subuh prayer Quran recital by the billals in the air from different directions, reminded me of Istanbul.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

♥@ 1st sight - 03

The eagle has left the workshop!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Next time try this:

Half boiled eggs....

And please do not add any kicap or pepper. It's nicer!


Penarik Beca @ Monsoon Cup

...also involved in Monsoon Cup...

Eh, got free tickets.....ah?

I went to the show. That's the title. But, I paid for mine.

When KW suggested it, I straight away said yes because I know for sure it's going to be a juicy show based on the current political situation in our country. True enough, all the three standup comedian made fun of the ministers bla bla bla.

Well, I think we have the right to express ourselves and make some jokes out of some of our own jokers in the parliament. But, not to put ourselves a low as them, I think the jokes on them shouldn't just be sammy or pak lah bashing sessions. It is funny and all, but Jit could have done it better. He should be more subtle. I am sure the audience (Bangsar profile) would prefer that rather than a tasteless bitching session.

If you have to bitch, do it with style / class.... then the audience will not feel insulted.

Is he losing it?

having said all that, the "juniors", Zak 'Papi' Kamal and Dauglas Lim was EXCELLENT. I enjoyed the show tremendously. Highly recomended but all tickets are SOLD OUT.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Nak Pergi ke Nak Balik

After that early 5am shoot, I went to a little warong by the road side. Its regulars should be fishermen of small traders from the market nearby.

While I was enjoying half a plate of nasi kuning served with delicious curry from nasi dagang, and... hehe, a bowl of laksam, a group of teenagers arrived and shared the table. They did not talk much but I was curious to find out from these youngsters... why so early. It's 6.30am for god's sake.

Out of curiosity, I asked them. Where they going so early? 

Kerje kat pasar ke?


Dah tu apasal awal sangat? Nak gi mana?

Baru nak balik rumah. Tadi lepak kat depan Istana Maziah.

They'd been up all night until sunrise, lepaking.

I hope ALL my nephews are home sleeping.

Morning call

I woke up at 5am just solely to shoot the crystal mosque in very low light environment. So dark, it was almost impossible to focus. It's nice in a small frame, but if you enlarge it you will notice it's not as crisp, photographers do not approved.

I had a problem then. I forgot to bring an extra battery, and the charger. (duh!) So I only have less  than 20 frames.

Will try again next time. Perhaps I need a new wide-angle lens

Pura Update

I was at Pura again this afternoon. The progress is good. TITS looked a bit stressed out. Can't blame him as it is not an easy job to deal with contractors who normally do things exactly the opposite from what they are supposed to do. I remember my late father, very particular about quality workmanship, sacked at least 7 contractors in the process of building a house.

By Q1 next year Pura will be fully operational again. I have got to help TITS to promote it. So, any of you interested to appreciate Terengganu heritage, culture and hospitality, do inform me.

Workers applying varnish on wooden frame which soon will have pieces of glasses installed

It's not easy to lock this door when you are in a hurry...

Sliding wall made of mengkuang to give you privacy. You can lift the whole panels if you prefer natural lights into you little suite. I prefer to open everything during afternoon nap.

Garden view from the soon to be gallery and songket workshop.

Nesan Empat suite. My favourite.

Sandstone bricks blend beautifully with natural wooden surrounding. It can be a nice backdrop for a portrait shot too.

Rustic interior. The flooring looks alive again after a new coat of matt varnish.