Sunday, May 09, 2010

I wish I had my bike with me.

Indecisive about what to do to fill my my Sunday morning today.

DrK didn't confirm the ride up Genting Sempah - he has been traveling quite heavily nowadays.

Wanted to join the classic car boys for breakfast, I got the wrong Sunday of the month. David re-confirmed (1st Sunday of the month lah!)

I drove Brondong, with my pocket camera I trailed my favorite mountain biking trek at Bukit Kiara - on foot.

(mental note)
I should be riding Kiara, again - soon!

Sunrise / Sunset

Air pasang pagi

surut pukul 5

I get these views a few steps away from my hotel room - not every day, but still......

Thursday, May 06, 2010

This was what I posted on FB

These were what I got.

Comments that get me going and going and going with my camera.

I thank you all for the words of encouragement.

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Haniza Hashim love this... love the reflection :-)

March 31 at 1:24am ·

Yanni Arshad just love the reflection in the waters....kudos!

March 31 at 1:41am ·

Azizeh Ibni Miharbi gossh... i wish am there walking side by side with these boys

March 31 at 2:37am ·

Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz Lovely picture composition. Starkly simple & sublime.

March 31 at 2:51am ·

Shaik Rizal Azura, gosh... didn't know u are into very young boys!! alamak

March 31 at 8:16am ·

Mazlim Husin Thank you guys. Glad could share these moments with my friends.

March 31 at 9:39am ·

Azizeh Ibni Miharbi only into young dragon fruits :)

March 31 at 10:06am ·

Shaik Rizal oh... these boys are young cikus...

March 31 at 10:40am ·

Bujang Tet like this one :)

March 31 at 3:01pm ·

Mo Kahwaji feels like a dream.


March 31 at 4:23pm ·

TShaliza TShamsul Bahari Brilliant!

March 31 at 6:20pm ·

Haris Ismail wow... that's all i can say.. :)

March 31 at 10:01pm ·

Khairulzaman Adnan when did you go to mabul?

April 2 at 11:10am ·

Mazlim Husin Thanks for the compliment guys and gals. I was in Mabul from 26 March to 30th. It was briliant!

April 2 at 2:09pm ·

Tengku Muneer Gorgeous pic Maz... seriously I don't even know how to comment.

April 11 at 3:02pm ·

Jazz @ MPO

A good friend, JJ bought me tickets for the above performance.

The show was OK-lah. I almost fell asleep.

She can play the piano very well and the accompanying musicians were good.

However, when she started talking, she was very much into herself and her family and friends. I felt left out. So did my friends who went.

The coffee session at Chinoz after was a lot better.

Apparently an old flame was sitting at the next table. Didn't realize it until I was informed later.

Hmmmmm.... should still look good, as always.

My Comfort Food

When I don't feel well in Kuantan and don't feel like going out, I would order this from the room service.

Its chicken soup (chinese style) with ginseng.

I also normally ask for cili padi with kicap and some buns and butter.

Weird right? But it tastes so good!

And a mug of hot milo before bed.

Bella Italiana - 21

Went to Torino Auto again today - did plan but I happened to be in the neighborhood.

David briefed me the progress.

Still waiting for the engine to be rebuilt

New sets of pistons, timing chain

and new sets of valve

New lights, probably the very last set you can get from Jalan Ipoh.

The progress is very slow, but I am still happy. It takes time to restore this and David has been doing a good job not only restoring the engine, but also sourcing for parts.

Can't wait!

Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sepetang di Tanjung Lumpur

This is where my favorite Nasi Lemak Ikan Tongkol and Nasi Dagang in Kuantan.

It is a very small shop but the food is not fancy but authentic and cheap.

I even had business discussions there. Can be better than Hyatt Regency Club.

This is the view of the river... I took a short walk after a meal and a discussion with Mr Lee.