Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love cycling and bicycles.

So far I have indulged myself with road bikes (some people call them 'racers') and mountain bike.

I used to have a tandem before but that was history - glad that it's over.

Recently, my friends and I went to Penang right before ramadhan - objective: to eat as much as we can before fasting.

Walking back to the hotel, I bumped in a bunch of kids, apparently they came all the way from Manjong, Perak, by car) to ride Penang on their single speed. The loaded 9 bikes in on e Myvy car.

I tried the bike, but it takes time to get accustomed to - there is NO rear brake.

They were pretty creative with the choice of colors.

Monday, August 23, 2010

DECISION decision decision

First I bought this

I changed to this

Finally I installed this

I think I made the right decision... I hope...


On the drawing board...


I have been looking for ideas for the new home, very aggressively. I have some ideas and spoke to my contractor friend and he is okay with the idea of some renovation I intend to do.

Last week, they have started tearing one wall to ensure more natural light on the second floor – where the rooms are.

I think it’s gonna take about 4 weeks to get everything done.

Do I have a choice? Nope.

Lets see how fast can we work on this one.