Saturday, April 14, 2007

Macro on 55mm

I tried the macro lens belongs to JoeyS.


I can even capture the serial number of my 50mm

Errrr IFH, could you please stop salivating....


MrsMILF said...

Spell check, dude, spell check! Lense should be spelt "lens" and it's "serial" not "seriel". Haiyooo!

shemeq said...

wey, blame it on the lack of compatibility between mac and blogspot.

spell check doesn't work in mac. perhaps i should migrate to mac blog space. have u found out how?

read my blog at your own risk. there is a disclaimer at the top. hahaha

bola2api said...

hehe.. lucky u didn't spell 'cereal' instead :)

shemeq said...

have u heard of the 'cereal killer' killer joke?