Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The law of nature

Pokok kayu kapur.

I was told, these trees do not block each other sunlight which is vital in food production.

They share natural resources around them.

Unlike human....

*photographed at Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Kepong.

I flew to Kuantan and drove to Bukit Ibam last Friday. Just to have a little lunch my Chinese colleagues.

It was simple, but good.

Note to self – next time we have to change the menu.

Dropped by the masjid for Friday prayer.

I can’t remember what the sermon was about but I thought the topic read was not as important as the current situation faced by Muslim community. Of course I agree with the rest of the component of the Khutbah.

Flew bacj just in time to attend NS’s birthday get together – the start of CNY long weekend.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bella Italiana - 18


One of the moments I have been waiting for in this whole restoration process is to roll Bella Italiana from the bodyshop into the paintshop.

It happened a couple of days ago not without any major impact among the workers in the workshop, including the supervisor.

The day the car rolled out into the paintshop is the day the registration number of Bella Italiana won first 4D price (not in the same order but the exact combo of the 4 numbers in the registration)

Everybody I met in the workshop came and told me so.

They said they wanted to buy t he number again when the paintjob is completed.

The progress has been slow but I am very Ok with it. To me the workmanship is very important.

Cementing and plastering work has started. Unlike last few months, future progress will be clearly visible, especially when the paint job is completed.

Can't wait!

I walked away happy with the progress and a Chinese New Year orange given by the workshop office manager.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Probably this one is better

For Charity

One of my newly-met friend admired my work during the charity bazaar at Badan Warisan.

She has a child who is a down syndrome. I didn’t know that.

She requested for me to take pictures of the children at the down syndrome centre.

I agreed and told her to give me ample notice.

She was very happy.

If any of you out there knows any charitable organizations in town require a photographer, do tell me. I would like to contribute, at no cost, of course!

Quoting Betty Suarez as she was awarded the Blobby Award (Season 4, episode 13);

"...we're not here celebrating me tonight, as much as we are here celebrating what blogs can do. They can be use to thoughtlessly attack people from a seemingly safe vantage point..which is very regretable. But they can also make it possible for someone who has something to say but doesn't have a TV station or a major magazine to still make their voice be heard and I think that is really important..even if it's just 71 people listening."

Miss Pokok

My friend, Carolyn Tree.

She has been here since I don’t know when.

Free spirited, always positive and bubbly.

Her email address is something like carolyn_pokok@gmail or something like that.

Get it?

She’s crazy sometimes, pandai cakap Melayu and she is a lot of FUN!

It was quite a hectic week for me.

Long hours in Kuantan really drained me this time around.

I almost ditch TFF for photography services for her campaign on HIV awareness at Badan Warisan. I love the venue.

I volunteered. Not to disappoint her and to discipline myself, I honor my words.

I have a long literally hot Sunday afternoon but it was fun and it feels good to contribute in my own little way.