Monday, January 23, 2012


May be not.

There is no loyalty.

In fact in some cases, friendship can be traded with posh dinners and sponsored holidays.

It's just CHEAP.




Wednesday, January 11, 2012


PKR strategist never planned for Anwar acquittal. 

From a political angle, they had wished that the court would find him guilty. 

They wanted to bring 100K people but only 5K turn up. 

They wanted to show their protest and had hoped that the police would act aggressively so that they can capitalize on the issue. 

The police shocked them by granting them the approval. 

Despite signing a conditional approval, they twisted the police approval with several series of press release and attacked the KL police. 

Between a twisted tongue of a politician and the police, I would believe the police.

extracted from Malaysia Today

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ubud Revisited

Visited Ubud again.

Not much changes from the last time I came here.

I made a point to have lunch at Bebek Bengil - super delicious crispy duck with beautiful surrounding.

I ate like a pig.


Gili Trawangan, Lombok. The main form of transportation besides horse carts. 

No mopeds, no cars 


Cahaya Gili Trawangan 1

Between sunset cocktails and dinner, it was quite pleasant to walk along the beach of Gili. Everybody was just relaxed and laid back. Some enjoying their Bintang beer. I had a scoop of gelato.

A couple of local juggler boys performed on the beach. Very friendly and quite talented.

Bali 2011 - 2012

This what I think about BALI as I was there last week. Yup, my 4th I think.

There is a new place call POTATO HEAD which is really nice to have your brunch, lunch or cocktail watching the sun set with some music in the air.

If you don't like such a posh setting for sunset, Karma on Batu Belig (which is just minutes from Seminyak.

One of my favorite restaurants for lunch is Warung Italia on Jalan Kunti No 2 is really nice casual place for Italian lunch. Food delicious and authentic and very reasonably priced. The setting is vary casual. I especially like it.

If you ever reach Ubud (which I think you should even if you have been there). Stay until dinner time and have crispy duck at Bebek Bengil. At night the ambience of the place is simply amazing. Much better than during the day.

And..... if u want to have a intimate dinner, I would like to recommend La Luciolas on Oberoi Rd., Kayu Aya Beach, Legian, Seminyak. 

Do make a point to wear something nice and you can just enjoy the dinner and absorb the ambience. It's actually by the beach with spectacular landscape and lightings.

Yes, I do know a driver with a good car. The name is Nyioman. The rate is IDR350 per day for 10 hours. Minyak included. I think thats very competitive. Do tell if you are keen.


Monday, January 09, 2012

The Sterling, Melaka

I was recently requested by a good friend to photograph a new hotel in Melaka her company is managing. It's a very nice little hotel with colonial concept. Even the staff dressed in khaki pants and socks pulled up to knee height.

This photo was an accident. The same issue, sunrise shot. The hotel room is too cold, the lens fogged up.

I kind of like this mistake.

Very foggy.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Dentist Appointment

While waiting for my turn to see the dentist in Kuantan. Very good service - not that cheaper though...

Even though I go to Kuantan almost every week for the past 3 to 4 years, the view of the sun rise from my balcony is my favorite moments.

I can never get tired of it. 

To me, everyday is different.

Impromptu Dinner

2 of my best mates decided last minute to have dinner and we didn't wanna go out. I whipped this - nothing much in the fridge - almost vegetarian.

The Journey to the Himalayas

The recent trip to the Himalayas was one of the best trips I have ever had. Not only because I get to witness before my very eyes the beauty of God’s creations, but also the company of great friends which nurtured wonderful friendship.

The SEVEN of us became like brothers and sisters. It was a wonderful experience spending time together with the same bunch for 12 days. That to me was an ultimate bonding any form of friendship can ever have.

The best part was, everybody was responsible and highly cooperative. I think our Nepalese guides were very impressed with our attitude. 

And most of all, besides at least 6 hours (every day) of daily trekking up and down the Himalayas for almost a week - we had so much fun and we took great photos of the beautiful surroundings, and us.

Being up in the Himalayas is totally a new experience to me. Its like 2 different extremes. Kathmandu was dense, highly populated and extemely busy with mopeds, taxis (like Kancil), and rickshaws - owh, and the annoying balm and craft sellers. 

Up in the mountains on the other hands are just you and the beautiful landscape, farms, rivers, beautiful waterfalls and forest - and of course the view of a series of snow capped mountains.

I still remember at one point I could se a series of snow capped mountain for the first time in this trip. It was so surreal, I actually cried. It was s o beautiful and I kept on thinking how great God is for such majestic creations.

Nepal is one of those places when you see it for the first time, you straight away think - I wanna come back again, soon. Its like when I went diving to Sipadan.
I keep on reminding our guides, who are locals - “You have a beautiful country” 
They do!

Beautiful Indonesia, Gili Trawangan

Typically most of us only know places like Jakarta the capital, Bandung for shopping, Bali for beach holidays.
The divers normally know more off the beaten track kind of places such as Raja Ampat, Komodo, Menado etc.
I recently explored Gili Trawangan. It’s like one of Indonesia best kept secrets. I got to know about it from an Indonesian friend. The first Google image convinced me the trip is worth it. A little island near Lombok where there is no motor vehicles - just horse carts and bicycle as means of transportation. Besides I planned to celebrate the the arrival of 2012 in Bali anyways.
I had a fantastic time enjoying he island life, mingling with the locals, watching sun sets, eating fresh seafood lunch and dinners on the cabana overlooking the sea, the other 2 Gili  Islands, Lombok and Bali islands with the majestic  view of Mount Agung and Rinjani.
Politics and ignorance of some parties aside, I think Indonesia has a lot to offer. I have been told about Karimun Jawa and Jazz Gunung festival up Mont Bromo.
Since I am not the Jakarta and Bandung type of guy, perhaps these 2 destinations are already on my list.