Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is it a meeting or a makan trip?

I just got back from Kuantan

My work requires me to go to Kuantan quite regularly to fulfil the port operation part of my work scope. If I go alone, it would normally be a fly in - fly out sort of trip. If I go with my colleagues, we will drive and the typical itinerary would be... (as it was, today)

0730: depart from Damansara Heights office
1030: nasi lemak Zaman (near Kuantan airbase)
1130: meeting at Kuantan Port
1230: lunch at MIDO (Balok)
1430: depart from Balok
1630: Yik Kee restaurant (Karak town, near the traffic lights)

NASI LEMAK ZAMAN (nothing to do with Dina)

Probably the most popular nasi lemak in Kuantan, or even the whole of Pahang state. I have been there many times and it has ALWAYS been FULL.
Only opened from breakfast to tea time.

Steaming hot nasi lemak wrapped in daun pisang
Nasi dagang - not that great. Terengganu ones are far better, of course!
Roti canai - very good

Service: Excellent, Fast!


It has been around since 1970s
Family run, always full during lunch.
I think they are only opened for lunch.
No aircond and hot!

Chinese food
Steamed Garoupa
Garlic prawn
Deep fried Japanese tofu (yummy!)

Service: Bloody slow, but worth the wait!


They have 2 branches in KL.

Pandan Tart.
Durian pancake
Kaya swiss roll

Service: Excellent.

A great stop for a cuppa on the way back to KL before you hit the jam in Gombak.

Oh.. the meeting with the port was very fruitful..... by the way ;-)


MrsMILF said...

An ENTIRE day and only ONE hour of work?!! In all of the 7 or so years that i've known you, you've never been able to give me a straight answer as to what exactly it is that you do.

Are you sure you don't work in the Road Transport Department?

shemeq said...

7 years huh?
i used to be a "machai" to a capitalist pig.
i think i am going to be between jobs soon...
i am definitely not a high flying consultant who commutes regionally...