Saturday, February 22, 2014


Very fascinating sculpture / art installation. Remind me of something our artists Yusof Gajah would do. I recently show this photo to Pak Yusof. He said he did something like this and installed in SIngapore. t was sold and it is somewhere far away in a distant land now.


There is quite a significant Muslim community here. Being a minority I a sure they are quite close to each other. Most of them are descends from Yunnan, a province in the southern part of China. That's why the food is very Chinese including noodles and sausages.

Yellow noodle


Oxtail soup. Very spicy.

She is very friendly

Sunday, February 16, 2014


The arrival. Unloading in action
At some point I was quite nervous about the shipment. Who knows, anything can happen. Accident or just a bike theft ship it all the way across the border into Myanmar or Laos.

However, the fact that Khun Amphun has been recommended by 2 people, my worries was baseless.

Its a joy to see the arrival of the bikes.

TRANS THAILAND - just a thought

Sunset, Ao Nang beach, Krabi.

This is what I wrote to my K16 Whatsapp Groupchat.

I want to share with you guys my favorite photos from the recent Trans Thailand adventure. I am currently updating my blog (don't expect a good writing from me. However I will try to compensate it with my photography).

I have to say, we the among the blessed few to be able to own this probably the finest touring machine available today.

Go cross the boundaries!

Its a beautiful machine and the beauty rides beautifully.

And go explore the beautiful world with beautiful people.

TRANS THAILAND - Breakfast in Chiang Mai

Our nice little hotel is located in the old city. The area is also popular among the backpackers. 

Its actually a bakery. 
Typically this ind of place would have good western breakfast.

Found it!

Located very close to the morning market where i get my fruits every single mrning. I really miss their fresh tropical fruits. Cheap, delicious and easily available.

Capt enjoying hos breakfast
Its a nice harmony of holiday + local atmosphere. Thats one of the reasons why I love Chiang Mai.

My croissant with omelet and cheese
I have to highlight here the fact that this is not my first time in Chiang Mai. It was about 7 years ago I actually rode my touring BICYCLE, not motorbike, from Bangkok.

My view. A bunch of backpackers having breakfast while watching the world goes by. Note the sweaters. It was rather a cool morning. Beautiful morning.
This time, I am here with this lovely machine who is going to be my closets buddy for the next 10 dayr exploring Thailand from North to South and beautiful people and places along the way.

Quoted from a newly found Latvian friend in Chiang Mai:

I am not a tourist.

I am a traveler. 


Water feature at our hotel. A nice little hotel in the middle of the old city. Quite central. Quite soothing and very quiet.

Took a tuktuk to the night bazaar. BAHT10

Kind of weird. The gear knob is like between your knees

Night Bazaar. CNY deco

Open air reflexology. BAHT 300 per pop.

Thai craftsmanship

Street artist

Elephant art

Fish therapy. I scared the tourist. Baby piranhas

There are thousands and thousands of tee shirt design in Thailand. Spoilt for choice. I didn't buy any as I don't have much space on my bike

My favorite photo of the day

TRANS THAILAND - fly off to Chaing Mai

We flew Air Asia from Hatyai to Phuket. I met some Penang guys who wanted to go to Chiang Mai. What they did was drive to Hatyai, parked their cars there and take a flight to Chiang Mai. Less than RM400 round trip. From Penang it would have cost them more than RM1000

I have a little bit of problem at he airport. Mainly because I wasn't organized and took for grated domestic flights would not be as strict.

The confiscated the CO2 canisters that come with tire repair kit. They said its not safe, even for check in luggage. So Have to let them go.

Damn it!


TRANS THAILAND - lunch - Thai style


TRANS THAILAND - breakfast Thai style

The Thais are fond of cakoi for breakfast.

This is my real breakfast. Nasi kerabu, Hatyai style

TRANS THAILAND - Hatyai morning market

I always enjoy browsing through local markets. It's colorful and you can always see what are the local produce and even sample their food. Their staple.

My favorite photo of the day

These ketupat are actually a third of the size of ketupat we have in terengganu. And this one is sweet I think

TRANS THAILAND - colorful Hatyai

No matter where I am, I always enjoy morning walk. Be it a hot summer town in Central Asia or in t the freezing winter of North America.

I like the calmness and the color of the sunlight (if the weather is good.

I took a morning walk in Hatyai trying to locate the local market by asking around.