Thursday, June 28, 2012

Framing One Drop

Framing is not rocket science.

It should not be very expensive.

If you have your own idea what kind of frame and glass to use to match your photos or art work or with your furniture - you SHOULDN'T pay too much.

In my case, I have my own ideas, so I always bargain very hard with my regular framer.

I have been sending my work to this shop in TTDI. I recently found a cheaper place in Kuantan which charge me almost half what the framer in TTDI does.

Thats Mr Kok from Fine Art Frames in Kuantan

From now on, all framings are done in Kuantan.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Despite a very long week of travels throughout Pahang for work (endless, but good) and Terengganu for family commitment (I love meeting my siblings) I managed to come back not so early on the night before the run.

I didn't train that well specifically for this run. The only thing that help me was my regular treadmill runs in the gym. Considering that, my time wasn't bad at all. Proud of myself. I hope I can do this every year, at least 10km.

Sitting on the lawn of Dataran Merdeka, I couldn't help but thinking - I love this country, and I love Kuala Lumpur. I do express this "love affair" with KL to my friends, locals as well as those from abroad.

I am very proud of this city. Within less than 30 minutes driving from home I can reach nice switchbacks of Bukit Kiara mountain bike trails, beautiful morning climb on my road bike through the kampung in Ulu Langat to Genting Peres, running double hills from Lake Garden through Kenny Hills,  drive the 4wd and camp by the waterfall - and the list goes on and on....

It was another personal achievement to me. Not great to others but it brings major sense of achievement to me to complete this annual run. I have to admit I have not been very committed to my training but I have my reasons (not excuses).

There I was roaming on foot in a pair of light running shoes enjoying the streets of KL with fresh air and great weather, cropping the scenery of KL sunrise wishing I had my DSLR with me. Through out the run I see KL from very different angles. I love the moments.

However, 600 meters before the finishing line while me and thousands other gasping for air to complete the annual run, I saw a bunch of idiots in BERSIH t-shirts crossing Jalan TAR while thousands of people trying to complete the race. Some of them have been training for months!

I curse at those who tarnish this wonderful annual event with politics. Get off the fucking road you assholes. You and whoever your leaders are are a bunch of idiots who are very ungrateful to this beloved country of ours.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend Drive

My Studio

I recently decided to frame some of my favorite photos and tiled the wall of my home studio. It takes hours for the contractor to hang them according to my specs.

Yes, I am very fussy.

Its gotta be my way.

My Healthy Dinner

The salmon was good. The garlic mashed potato was quite sweet. Next time I have to used different potato.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Jimster!

This one is for you.

(almost) Silhouette

My favorite part of the house.

When I am home - I am here most of the time - my home office

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tailing Area - January 2012


 Pipes and pontoon to house a movable (floating) pump.

Washing plant

Can see the form of the foundation.


All you need is

2 glasses
A glass of water
A drop of blue ink
Studio lighting
Translucent backdrop


Tailing Area - December 2011

A bit of earth work,land clearing, preparation for piling.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I was rather bored, but inspired...
(is that possible?)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Spectrum of Light

red, orange, yellow, green, blueindigo and violet.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Been Here

I have not been here for ages. The last time it was years ago. I am so glad that nothing much has changed. 

Saw a couple of new resort. If they are sensitive to the environment, that would be a lot better. 

Reminds me of Bujang Tet GREEN technology.







After a whole night of driving, we finally arrived at Kuala Besut, where the jetty is. Caught the first boat out at 7am. Captured a beautiful sunrise over the horizon.
What a beautiful morning.