Monday, May 28, 2012

Sepang Ride

I was just a navigator.

I was offered to drive, I decline as I am not familiar with other peoles' car.

My car? No way I am gonna take her to the circuit.

Old KL

Some where near Central Market

The Chichis

My crazy friends.

We call ourselves the Chichis.

We climbed Kinabalu together.

We climbed the Himalayas together.

They are my extended family

View from my Windscreen

View through my windscreen during car wash.

RM8 per pop, just external.

They do a good job.

I normally give them RM10, they do a good job.

Location: Exxon gas station near Damansara toll plaza

What a Ride

My crazy brother just bought this.

Can't blame him.

I'd love to have one of these.

My (home made) Breakfast

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs sandwiches

Smoked salmon and hard boiled eggs sandwiches

I learned both from university of youtube ;-)

My neighbor's wedding

My neighbor Awal got married recently.

I was touched as he sent his invitation card personally to him.

He has always been a very humble neighbor.

The wedding was grand and nice. I enjoyed the entertainment too. The food was surprisingly good - quite rare for a big wedding, I think.

Oh well, congratulations Awal and enjoy your honeymoon with your beautiful wife.

Back in Kuantan

Back to my weekly Kuantan trip.

Long drive.

Reward: beautiful hors d'oeuvres at the Regency Club.

I came alone today. My business partner Richard is going for holidays to Alaska. He is gonna watch the Arora.

Lucky bastard

Karak Jam

It was quite strange.

There was a massive jam on Karak Highway today, on the way to Kuantan. To make it worse, the school holidays just started.

The traffic was clear after Genting Sempah tunnel.

Why do they have to wait for school holidays (when the traffic is heavy) to do maintenance of the tunnel.


Adam's Proud Day

Adam, my nephew, recently swimming from Pulau Kapas to Marang, back in my home town in Terengganu.

He completed the 6.5km swim.

He must be proud of himself.

I am proud of him

Sammy in KL

I met Sammy (previously lead singer of Krispatih) recently in KL at my friends restaurant.

It was very pleasant as I really like some of his songs especially Mengenang Mu. Beautiful song.

Sammy is a very humble guy. We had drinks by the pool together before his performance to just a small group of us.

Kiara Revisited

Havent been riding my mountain bike for a while. I recently serviced my Lefty to revisit Kiara with a couple of friends.

It was quite enjoyable, as usual. Need to practice more to fully enjoy it. My technique is quite rusty now but I sure think I can improve soon. I still have some of the moves.

Will visit Kiara again soon - more frequently. 

Still in love with this trail which is just a stone throw away from where I live.

One of the main reasons why I love KL as home.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Please enlighten me. 


I respect their policy. However, if one of the goals of Badan Warisan Malaysia is “to CREATE AWARENESS and PUBLIC SUPPORT for conservation so as to ensure the survival of our built heritage”, why aren’t we allowed to photograph even the external facade of the beautifully restored Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman on Jalan Conlay?


Why can’t properly attired non Muslims enter Masjid Jamek? How can we introduce or attract others to your religion if we don’t even allow them to appreciate a beautiful mosque up close and personal, and experience the serenity of a place of worship?WHY?

Monday, May 07, 2012

Layang Layang cost

The dive package for 4 nights in layang layang avilion resort is RM3,545. 

This also include the plane ride from KK to Layang Layang - a chartered flight ATR Aircraft (like Firefly) by MAS Wings - new aircraft and 5 meals per day. 

Rooms are very comfy.

It also include 9 dives - 

day 1 - 2 dives, 

day 2 - 3 dives, 

day 3 - 3 dives,

day 4 - 1 dives - as we need 18 hours of surface time  before flight

I took MAS from KL - KK - KL - less than RM400

So, all in all about RM5k lahif you are interested, I can hook you up with my friend Yanni who organizes dive trips.

Nepal Referee

Hi Emily,

Glad to hear you decided to go to Nepal. We had a wonderful time trekking the Himalayas. One of the best holidays in my life, really.

I highly recommend Mr Binod. He organized our trip very well with his fellow Sherpa brothers. Very polite, personal and quite highly organized.

To get to Gheropani trek you have to get to Pukhara from Kathmandu. I would highly recommend you to fly to Pokhara. The bus ride was very uncomfortable and long.

If you are used to Indian food, then there is no problem. I enjoyed eating their Dhal Bat. Throughout the trekking period Mr Binod arranged the porters, all kind of food you can find in the menu and of course food and accommodation at various tea houses and hotels and hostels. We had lunch overlooking beautiful valley, breakfast unser the morning sun with snow capped Himalayas as backdrops. U would love it.

To me, the cost is very affordable. I spent at most RM5000 for more than 10 days including everything including souvenirs and food and transport - an drinks ;-). That's not even SD2,500.

Fitness and a sense of adventure is all you need - and a bunch of cool buddies.

Enjoy! I am sure you will.



**the photo was shot by my friend JJ with my i-phone. He climbed up the tower. I didn't. I was busy with my tripod. The place was amazingly BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcoming Niena to the neighborhood.

Sunset, Pulau Layang

I was talking to my friends at the restaurant. We exchange diving photos. It was raining heavily earlier. I thought the wouldn't be any sunset.

I was wrong.

I looked at my watch, almost 6.30pm - local sunset time.

I took a walk to the edge of the restaurant and captured this with my I-phone.

Sunrise, Pulau Layang Layang

Last day, while waiting for the plane to land on the runaway. One of those places - the moment you arrive you already have the desire to come back.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Democracy is a good system, but it has its weaknesses. You must understand the workings of democracy to make it work. You know, there are limitations, and some people seem to think that if you go to war and make such-and-such country a democratic country [US in Iraq], you'll solve all their problems. It's the wrong thing to do. People must understand democracy before they accept democracy, because there is a limit to freedom. There is no absolute freedom to anyone"

Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Dr. M: Operation Malaysia
by Tom Plate