Saturday, April 28, 2007

Meeting on Terengganu

On friday DZ, Jen and I had a discussion on personal project that we are working on for Terengganu. We were invited by TPR, who is DZ's aunt to her beautiful home.

TPR is a very refined lady, very cultured and still travels quite extensively , who are passionate about a lot of subjects especially those related to her passion (cooking), root (Chinese from Terengganu) and work of art (batik from Terengganu). TPR's batiks to me are not crafts, they are pieces of art on fabric. I was very impressed when I looked at her collection. Her works are very unique, beautifully designed and very elegant once printed on batik fabric.

Clearly her works are very much influenced by her travels. She has batik with very subtle Chinese and Japanese influence. The most unique one that I saw (mind you she has a bigger collection upstairs)was the one which she incorporated the Australian Aboriginal arts.

Since we are working together on this project now, I hope one of these days I will have the opportunity to shoot some of the batik and share it with my friends.

Oh, lunch at her place was just delicious. She served authentic home cooked nasi dagang, kerepek binjal, gado gado, pengat pisang (the bananas were deep fried with egg first - sedap giler!), custard, Japanese jelly, dragon fruit (I did not manage to eat this as greedy DZ ate all of them and specially selected sweet nangka (jackfruit)


T.I.T.S. joined us for a short while towards the end and told us funny stories about the coronation and showed us beautiful pictures.

** All pictures were taken from one of my favourite breakfast joints, by the road side in Bukit Damansara with TFF.

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