Thursday, January 31, 2008

♥@ 1st sight - 12

After stripping and and some rebuilding and repairworks, the surface of the car was treated to ensure a good foundation to apply epoxy, cement, undercoat and final fine cement. Then only new paint coat can be applied.

This stage looks more promising.

Meanwhile David from Fiat informed me that he managed to source for several parts including a brand new pairs of tail lights, from grills, and badge. He went all the way to Kangar, Penang and Ipoh to get them. Without David, this little project is impossible. He himslef has restored almost 10 classic Fiats - crazy bugger!

Front bonet, actually covers (limited) luggage compartment, fuel tank and battery

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There is a Circus in Town, and its free for all...

It has been on the front page of national dailies, everyday.

An Ex Prime Minister and several former Heads of Judiciary are all taken to court.

It sounds like and it looks like even court cases, appointment of judges can be fixed and lobbied like mega projects in construction industry. But I am not sure.

A bunch of (forgetful) monkeys and clowns!

monarch - cjyuaidri - texevcuies

And.. if the current leadership think they look good because of this - oh, please think again!

Studio @ Home

I got RARS to buy me the stand to hang a backdrop for my little home studio project. Save 2 hours of my time going to IKEA. His kindness was rewarded with a generous portion of Nasi Bukhari at Syed Bistro behind BSC.

I just finished setting up the backdrop and snapped some shots. Finally got the flash and lights synchronized and I think I am getting the hang of it. Some shots taken were quite nice but I can't show it here. The "model" does not allow me.

I am looking for guinea pigs, errmm I mean models.

Will burn you soft copy of the pics......

Hopefully my skills improve with practice.

I wonder who would be interested to model ;-)

Monday, January 28, 2008

♥@ 1st sight - 11

Went to visit the Fiat the other day. It was raining heavily in Sunway.

I am quite happy with the progress. However, I have learned from experience, don't pay too much of deposit. Hang on to some until they deliver a good job. mean while I just be nice to them. If they screw up, that I will give them my kind words.

I told them, I have the time to wait - though not forever. Top most priority - a job well done, with perfect details.

By now they should know my expectation.

Maniam explained work done.

Parts of the car, cut out to be replace with new panel. This was the parts below both sides of the door. They have been eaten by corrosion.

From the parts I could tell the car was done about 3 times before but the previous people who worked on it didn't even cut out the old corroded part. It was sealed inside plasters / cement. A crude way of doing it. I will not accept such workmanship.

Another "cancerous" part - on the way to the bin. This piece was a part of the engine mounting section from the rear of the car. The skillful workers from Myanmar made painstakingly by hand a replacement.

The mud guard was severely affected by rust. Noe it has been rebuilt.

Door panels got their complexion fixed. Knocking takes hours.

The interior.

The interior showing the work done on the door.

Work done on door - close up.

The newly replaced panels underneath the door. Looks fresh and good!

Hang in there! they promised your body will be shining with"blanco" white (original Fiat 600D color) before Chinese New Year!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Awang Goneng is in town

Awang Goneng was born at an early age in the house where he grew up in Kuala Trengganu. He was pushed into Sekolah Melayu Ladang where his father’s teacher friend rather than his so called precociousness got him a place as an underage pupil. This experience aged him quickly in time for proper school, first at the Sultan Sulaiman Primary School (SSPS) – where he nearly burned his class and classmates while trying to do a magic trick involving a box of Swedish tandstickor that were on sale in Trengganu at that time – an then later at the SSSecondaryS.

Then his parents moved to Kuala Lumpur and he to another school known as Victoria Institution where he and a school friend (who later became a judge in Singapore) involuntarily the school’s medium record while fleeing a gang from a rival school near the Merdeka Stadium.

With this newfound talent for power running, Awang Goneng proceeded swiftly into subsequent chapters of his life: first through the doors of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he took a Law degree (from the Academic Registrar’s office on night when the door was left open), and then through an academic career (briefly) and journalism (less briefly) during which time he interviewed, among others, Anthony Burgess, Barbara Cartland and Adnan Khashoggi.

He now lives in London as a freelance writer.

Extracted from: Growing up in Trengganu.

I recently had the opportunity to meet this great man not once but twice over sumptuous authentic Trengganu delicacies, most of which mentioned in his book, courtesy of TPR. A humble individual, soft spoken and we share the same passion about the heritage and culture of Terengganu.

Among others his comment on culture and heritage (which I think Terengganu leaders and general population should consider) is:

“I am into community in a big way and I am sure you are as well. A place without community is nothing. My approach into planning would first look at the community. What would happen to the people? Why don’t you provide housing for them in the area where they have been for generations? Wooden house is sufficient. Nice modern wooden houses. That will show Terengganu is different..... “

“If you look at any act of genocide the first thing they do is - demolish memories. This is what the Israelis are doing in Palestine. They are destroying all the memories of Palestine. So that the people will have no history because they know that history is important. If you have a history you are a people, you have a past. People who have no history, has no future. They have no identity. That’s what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians.”

Spring-cleaning time! About time!

I have been upset (when I think about it) for a few weeks now.

Some people (yes, more than one) did not keep their words even on the basis of strong friendship – well I thought it was strong friendship to begin with.

I do realize circumstances can be a factor, at times, but some people are just not honest and sometimes they are just influenced, unintentionally I hope, by greed and jealousy.

Seriously, I do not need this kind of people in my life. I am glad it happened now rather than later.

What a way to start the New Year.

I agree with remarks given by one of my good friends:

"In life, sometimes, or from time to time, we need to look at the list of people including “friends” we have around us and do a bit of necessary spring-cleaning so that we can move forward, away from people who one day could drag us down with that kind of negative values they have in friendship."

I just could not agree more!

People I met recently, in Bali

A retired Captain of British Airways who used to fly the Concorde.

A luxury tour organizer from Vancouver, Canada. He takes care of a group of 30 high net worth tourists. Only 5 star hotel, luxury coaches and private jets. But, that’s not the punch line. The best part is he was in the same coir as Michele Buble.

A porn star

A Balinese artist by the name Rajah Hantu (pix above). To him his painting is art. To me it’s porn.

A Balinese chap. A driver, tour guide and a good artist. He paints too and I have seen his work. Beautiful. He is trying to get into photography.

A guy who gives out cards at the beach and tried to convince me that he can get me anything. Anything. I was actually half convinced by the bugger.

An Australian lady, a photographer. She has a studio in and gallery in Sydney. Still using a conventional Pentax, 135 black and white film.

A GUY who when I told him Benazir Bhutto was assassinated a couple of days before,
HE went: “Oh no! I love her scarves!”

Friday, January 25, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

♥@ 1st sight - 10

Stripping in progress.

The sight of a hammer in the car scared the shit out of me.

I hope they know what they are doing.

According to Mr. Maniam, the workshop "CEO" in Sunway, he actually went to Myanmar and handpicked a team of skilled workers in (car) body building. I have seen some of their work and quite impressive with the detail workmanship.

Believe it or not, these 2 front seats are equipped with mechanism so that they can be reclined.

Next stage: Stripping of the old paintwork.


Dear Lovebirds,

Thanks for the lovely Saturday nite dinner!




I was loved, (more than) once too.

To my sayang,

I hope that this fax is not too embarrassing for you. Damn! Now the whole of Miri will know that we’re in love!! I am on my way out to xx but I just had to drop you a line. I am missing you terribly and wished that you were in KL with me. (ta’ apa Sayang, ini semua untuk masa hadapan kita kan?) – NOT!

Anyway Darling, pls try to call me later after work (or before) if you can. I love you & miss u v. much & I cannot wait till you come back.

Lots of love, kisses & hugs & much much much more.

Your Sayang,


three alphabets

Sent to me via fax (there were no sms then!) the first time I had to travel during the relationship. I remember the front office girl was blushing when she handed me the fax. Accompanied by a sketch of three hearts, one heart with an arrow and our initials on it.

While unpacking, I discovered old love notes sent to me on various occasions…..

♥@ 1st sight - 09

Some spareparts have arrived, in their original packaging. Some came from Ipoh and the rest were from Penang. they are all originally from Italy.

I will keep these boxes too.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I am CONNECTED at home...

And everywhere with Maxis Broad Band.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Do we get a fair deal from the Government?

Had this little chat with DRK after the Sunday ride.

Do you notice there are a lot of things we, the rakyats, had to pay ourselves besides the taxes we pay.

Why do some of us have to hire guards to protect their house? What happened to those “mata-mata” (cops) that ronda our neighborhood? We do not have enough police force to protect the community? Or they are not competent enough to keep our neighbourhood safe?

And the crime rate has increased by more than 13%.

And innocent girl got kidnapped (again!)

Why do we have to get expansive insurance policy just to make sure we can afford medical services by private medical centres? Are the government doctors and hospitals are not good enough or inediquate to fulfill the rakyats healtcare needs?

Why parents have to fork out a great deal of their income to send their children to private schools (primary and secondary). Are the government schools not good enough to equip their children with proper education?

Where did out tax money go?

Besides all these, not a single Minister, or anybody in the government was fired. Is the BOSS still SLEEPING?

Oh OK, one Minister resigned. I don’t think he would if he wasn’t caught with his pants down., literally…


Maxis Broadband Support



Friday, January 11, 2008

Yolly De Maid

That's her name in my handphone.

Yolly has been coming to my apartment for almost a year, every Saturday without failed. Very dedicated and I never had to tell her what to do from day 1.

Sorry folks. Her schedule is full servicing my apartment and 5 other friends'.

I spent longer time with her than normal yesterday as she helped me to clean up and unpack my stuff.

I know a bit more about her (which I never really paid any attention before, as long as she did a good job).

She's in her early 2o's, from Manila.

Do you have a studio Sir?


You are a photographer right?

No. It is just a hobby.

Are you an architect Sir?

(Huh?) No, but I like architecture and interior design.

I just found out besides cleaning our apartments, she actually attending college to get her degree in Business.

My place would be upside down without her.

Moving Out - Moving In

Shifting apartments is not funny. For the past few days I have aged 10 years due to all the stress that I have to go through.

First I have to deliver my apartment to a tenant in very good condition, fulfil their requirment. Actually its not that bad, really.

Then I have to get into my new (but old) apartment. The usual: Fresh paint job on the wall, get organized and ensure the new place is habitable.

I like the new place.

It has a nice balcony, not big but good enough.
Fantastic view of the pool.
Morning sun.

I will try to shoot some pix from the balcony and post them here.

I need to sort out those unopened boxes over the weekend.

Bon weekend folks!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

♥@ 1st sight - 08

No endoscopic included.

It's like an open-heart surgery.

No. No.

It's like a massive transplant procedure - heart ,  kidney, liver, the works put together.

Thank God the rest of the parts like the pistons, drive shaft, gears are in very good condition.

We just need to do major cleaning up and change some consumables / wear and tear.

The timing chain has been grinding the engine wall. No wonder it sounded quite loud when I drove it. I thought it was one of the bearings not properly lubricated.

All in all the condition of the engine is pretty good. That's sounds promising, at least the heart of the car is in good shape.

Can't wait to get some diagnosis from the body work and paint shop. I hope there will not be big surprises... I sort of half expect some small surprises waiting oat the body and paint shop.

Those Familiar Smiles

In March 2007 I was in Bali. I rewarded myself with a short birthday trip and had a great time experiencing Bali, the culture, the food and the hospitality. I even made some new friends.

I didn't seriously make any plan for the customary Christmas and New Year holiday stretch. I was procrastinating hence I jumped into the bandwagon (Air Asia) and flew to Bali for 4 days.

This time, I did not do any cultural things. Just lepak by the beach and the swimming pool, pampered myself with massages, ate like pigs, go out clubbing (or a bit), some shopping, got myself another tattoo etc etc. I didn't even bring the whole truckload of my camera equipment. It was very relaxing and I loved it.

To top it off, coincidentally, a bunch of my good buddies were there at the same time. That was really fun. Even though all of us didn't stay at the same resort - thank God for that! -, we made a point to go out,had nice dinner and lepak by the beach together. That was really fun.

Typically when we get together there were jokes, remarks, comments and innuendos flying around across the table. Unfortunately due to the rating of this blog, I can't reveal any....

Everybody let their hair down.

In away, it strengthened our friendship even more!

Oh well, we had a great time and....

What ever happened in Bali, stays in Bali.

Thats the spirit.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Safe Sex - NOT

According to a friend of mine who watched THE VIDEO, the Ex Minister did not practice SAFE SEX.

Katrina Hotel Batu Pahat.

Oh no!

I think Zainhafsham and I (and more than 200 other cyclists) slept there once a couple of years ago during PCC Interstate Annual ride: 3 days - Bangi - Melaka - Batu Pahat - Melaka.

Zain was at his peak of his performance.

I was riding a stupid tandem.

Friday, January 04, 2008

♥@ 1st sight - 07

I left the car at Torino Auto (Fiat Malaysia).  

They are going to strip the car into pieces and check everything. I mean everything!

Preliminary estimate on work and cost has been done. I hope it will not blow my budget.

I want them to check every single parts of the engine and change whatever necessary, source for the spare parts and redo the electrical / wiring system.

After that the body will be sent for restoration. Complete restoration.

Will keep you guys updated.

I am very excited about restoring this car. Hopefully it will be completed before the end of Q108.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year SMS

Like other occasions such as Hari Raya, Chinese New year, Deepavali or Christmas, we all receive all kinds of SMS - some of them were simply re forwarded but that to me are perfectly ok. It's the thoughts that count.

It feels good to receive these message a few times a year from a bunch of friends (except for those numbers I do not recognize). I am touched with these messages. I could imagine each of them scrolled through their phones, chose my name and sent..... That is sweet. I normally reply to all of them. If I didn't, it was purely unintentional.

Besides the long winded and fancy new year messages I received a simple sms from my sister:


Obat Kuat

On the way to Rompin recently I stopped by one of the restaurants near Bandar Muazzam Shah, to grab a bite and some coffee.

These are the variety of coffee they have, available. Most of the coffee are suposed to be "good for men".

Any of you have tried it before?

And if you still have other problems, here are some options for you:

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Colours of Bali

bamboo mat used in Desa Seni

During my first trip to Bali, March 2007, I thought every Balinese was an artist. They can either dance, paint, carve etc etc.. and now I realize - the whole of Bali is like one big gallery, studio or carving workshop.
The Balinese are blessed not only with all the beautiful materials available locally, but also their talents and creativity.

These are some of the shots along Jalan Seminyak I would like to share with you.

light shop

entrance to a courtyard

surfboard covers

stairway to a restaurant and a club

just outside Desa Seni

landscape details of Desa Seni

offerings at the doorway

another offering

typical entrance to a private courtyard

Hope these pics bring back memories to those of you who have visited Bali before. Hope to return to Bali at least one more time in 2008.