Monday, July 27, 2009

LOVE @ 1st Sight - 39

I forgot to post this.

Happened weeks ago when I drove the Brondong back to Bangsar from Ulu Kelang via DUKE highway.

The car was overheated.

I gottal called David for the rescue. David immediately called a tow truck to return to Torino Auto.

The crack shaft was too tight hence the overheating.

I spoke to Peronda Lebuhraya of DUKE who patrol the road regularly.

DUKE ada tow truck tak?

His answer was

Tak ada boss.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bella Italiana - 15

The Internet landed me into VM Motors.

The owner, Mr. tan is one of the loudest men I have ever met.
All instructions to his workers in the workshop are delivered through screaming and yelling at them. If you don’t know him, you would think he is a mean bastard. However, once you handle him well and you mean business, with a stick of Salem lights, he we one of the friendliest Joe you’ve ever met.

Bare in mind, he is a Chinaman Towkey!

Before you even introduced yourself, he already strategizes his negotiation maneuver against you. I have many of these in my previous employment – one of the fringe benefits of working with Chinaman run company.
They might not have solid corporate background or a degree business degree from Harvard, but hey, they are a bunch of cunning businessmen who work hard and the primary focus is

to make money – money is – centre of the universe = equals = GOD.

Who are we to judge them? They might not speak English but their business skills in their own environment is just phenomenal.

Before I left the workshop one of the workers told me:

Saya punya Boss cakap you datnag 2 minggu sekali cukup lah.

Like hell I am going to listen to Mr. Tan.

I will go and look at the progress of the car as frequent as I want to.

TFF's DBM - dumb blond moment

TFF recently stopped by Singapore on the way back from her Safari holidays in Cope Town to celebrate her friend’s birthday, at the Grand Hyatt.

She was partying with a bunch of friends and a group of Mat Sallehs.

After a few drinks, I supposed she had the urge to find out more about the people who she partied with. Or just to get info to acclimatize herself in the party.

And she went…… naively asking the bunch of Mat Salleh gentlemen.

So, what do you guys do?

Suddenly all the Mat Salleh guys stopped talking went quiet.

TFF was nganga - puzzled.

Kenapa diam pulak tiba tiba?

The birthday boy approached TFF and whispered:

Dia orang ni Liverpool team punya football players lah BODOH!

JD – has not quite left KL

I think I see JD more regularly now compared to time when he resided in KL.

Sometimes not by choice.


Last Friday he was in town. I was tired from a good meeting with God Father in Melaka.

Started with – I can only have dinner with you. Aku perlu bobo awal doung. Esok aku lagi ada olahraga.

To – dinner at Jakes, live-band at Urbanattic, drinks at Changkat and finale was reflexology at Jalan Bukit Bintang at about 4am.

What a night.

I didn’t even have the energy to train for my run.


Click! Click! Click!

Just got back from RL and SH’s baby cukur jambul and got this sweet message from RL who appeared to be in a very chatty mood.

Her sms to me when I reached home:

Thank you for coming paparazzi :D

Have to mention here, the homemade kari kambing was just DELICIOUS.

The Star of Rainbows

The best FB update on Yasmin Ahmad’s demise is by Dr GLH

"GLH will remember to absorb the transient and fragile beauty in the next rainbow he sees"

On the same note, betullah Yasmin tu memang “terror”. Everytime tengok Petronas punya adverts, tak kira lah hari Raya ke, CNY or Deepavali, rasa macam nak nangis.

Dia bisa menyentuh kalbu setiap rakyat Malaysia except for some dumb ass politicians yang hati batu.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If You Needed Somebody - Bad Company

Should have told you by now, but I cant find the words, oh no
If I could show you somehow, but I dont have the nerve, oh yeah

You dont see me looking at you, how can love be so blind
Somehow you dont notice me, sooner or later there will come a time, baby

If you need somebody, the way that I need you
If you wanted somebody, the way that I want you

Oh yeah, the way that I want you

If I could hold you tonight, it would last me forever
But the times never right, when will we be together, oh no

If I could make you understand, what youre doing to me
Maybe there will come a time, when sooner or later I will make you see, baby

If you need somebody, the way that I need you
If you wanted somebody, the way that I want you

Ooh, if I could tell you now, the way you make me feel
Ooh, if I could show you somehow, dont you know my lovin is oh so real


If you need somebody, the way that I need you
If you wanted somebody, the way that I want you

(if you need somebody) I need you, I want you, I gotta tell you
The way that I need you
And if you wanted somebody, the way that I want you...

une ambiance parfaite!

in a rain forest

lying on the deck

feet in the water

looking at sky

full moon

all over


moment, NOW!



Bella Italiana - 14

The place where Little Enzo got his body sandblasted!

Sandblasting reveals the affected surface of the car body. Surprisingly, for its age, the body is in relatively good condition.
A good sign.

Some parts are quite severe but, with a bit of effort and good workmanship, it can be resolved no doubt.

A tour - Not quite lonely planet materials.....

Just better....


Don't think anybody else could do the job. Fun job, as long as you click. And we CLICK all right!

Perhaps we have A common denominator.

I saw the city from BT, a local, born and bred in Bandaraya Kuching. A mixed of 30% Malay, the rest is a mix of Brit and Bidayuh in one Sarawakian body, and brain.

Dang! There are so many things I don't know about them.

BT enlightened me for more than an hour sitting on the jetty of Pengakalan Sapi overlooking Kuching skyline and its Waterfront.

If BT was not lying or exaggerating - of course he didn't...

The state government of Sarawak, the public administrative aspect of this land of horn(y)bills, is actually quite solid as they have been keeping that part of British heritage quite well. I am beginning to think, the one we have in Semenanjung is highly diluted and corrupted to a certain degree.


having said that I don't think they are 100 % spic and span either, but just better.

They know how to share POWER.

After all, some of us believe that POWER is HERITAGE