Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Feet Kathmandu

Durbar Squares of Hanuman Dhoka


How could someone do this to a HUMMER?


Ruth Sahanaya Concerto

T.A bought us tickets for teh concert. I only know 1 or 2 of her songs. Kau Lah Segalanya is an ALL time favorite.

Since we don't really know other songs and I got quite turned off when she invited daughter to perform. We left the concert hall before even half way through.

Christ Botti was a lot better. Plenary Hall in KL Convention Centre should be managed properly. Acoustic was not fantastic and the event was not (for musical show as such) properly managed.

How could you not switch off your walkie talkie during the show.


Supper at MO was great!

Anwar oh Anwar

Trust the politicians.

They say do not use the mosques for political purposes.

So why do they use Quran? 

I think it's an insult to the holly book being used just to win a political agenda. 

Looks desperate to me.

Sheer Driving Pleasure

Trust the German.

It was a pleasure driving this baby from KL to Kuantan and back to KL.

What a babe.

2012 Baby

Hopefully 2012 will be a busy year for me. Some work on the new area has started. We hope to get some production before Chinese New Year - InsyaAllah.


Found this park just outside The Regency Club at Kuantan Hyatt recently. The sticker in the car says "STOP LYNAS"

I personally think LYNAS project is pretty safe. Too bad, too many politicians tried make it such a big issue.

Most of the people who talk about it didn't even do a proper researhc. They just wanna have a nice propaganda.

Oh well, thats politics.


I change some Ringgit Malaysia into Indonesia Rupiah today. Bali, here I come. Before that I will be exploring the dream island called Gili Terawangan.

Can't wait. 

Merry Xmas Gifts

Of course I don't celebrate Christmas but commercially, almost everybody does. 

Jesus was not born on 25th December to begin with and no Christmas tree is mentioned in the Bible anyway. And Santa Clause - if you are still oblivious - HE DOESN'T EXIST 

Sorry to disappoint you.

However, I love my Christmas gifts. Thanks you friends. I love them all

Caught Red Handed

I had this while driving on the way back form running some errands. Lots of things need to be done before my Xmas - New Year holidays.

Eating doughnut with molten chocolate while driving should be banned - like you cant use handphone etc. I could wait, I gobbled everything in my car.

Suddenly I got and sms on my phone:

"U enjoying your chocs fatty hehe"


Monday, October 31, 2011

The UGLY Malaysians

Captured along our favorite cycling route the climb up to Genting Peres.


Classic JD

We ha d a four-way conference call this morning, initiated by JD.

It was totally hilarious as JD can sometimes be such an airhead – even though he is a brilliant kinda guy.

A snippet:

JD: B, did you drop me as Facebook friend.
B: How can I drop some thing I haven’t added.

I guess the adding and dropping as friends in Facebook is quite a drama, to some people a trauma.

I have my own share of this.

I am glad it happened though.

One thing for sure, I need to eliminate some names who have been spamming me with promotions of a club. I get 3 of the same messages for the same event, of which I have no intention to go.

Like I said - spamming should be illegal.

Spiritual Journey - Makkah and Madinah

This series of photos were shot (secretly) during my Umrah, a couple of years ago. All photos were capture by using my Nokia Communicator E90.

Masji AL Nabawi, also known as Masjid Nabi

Buka puasa was such a simple yet a fulfilling spiritual experience. Its amazing how more tahn 1 million people from different background, nationalities, social status can have proper buka puasa within10 minutes and the whole Masjid is ready for Maghrib prayer. And it's free.

Makkah is always busy, hectic and I felt the crowd. Madinah is peaceful, quiet and cooling. I love Madinah. I felt like I was on a holiday.

This scene is typical during Ramadhan. People reciting the Quran - throughout the day - and night.

The 5 item on the foreground is actually a stand for air Zam Zam

These are retractable roofs which is opened at night. The mechanical movements of the huge roof opens up to the sky.

The Raudah - where most prayers are answered by His Almighty.

The hotels - just a stone throw away from the Masjid

Kuala Lumpur City Center - 15 seconds exposure

I was bored after dinner. The weather was perfect, in fact it was rather cold on the way back.
I reached KLCC almost midnight.

Before I managed to set up the tripod he lights were off. So it’s kind of a dark (KLCC) subject.
I like the moon and the thin cloud formation.


rosti very easy- grate potatoes, and put into a collander.

Press the mixture to Drain some of the liquid.

Season with salt and pepper( chili flakes pun boleh)

Then mould into shape and cook: option

1) in a frying pan on a low heat about 17-10mins each side, or :

2) roast in a preheated oven around 200'c for about 1/2 hour

Yo can also add some chopped oninons to the mixture if you like..

I just found this draft, supposed to be published months ago. I was crazy about rosti - a simple Swiss potato "pancake"



Sand Art

I recently saw this in Johor Bahru during a photoshoot.

Its pretty cool. I haven't seen this before. Its dynamic with subtle frame transition accompany with music.

I stood there for awhile to enjoy it - and of course interview the artist.

COOL, I thought.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tuan Senang Besar

Credit: Photo by Jason Hue

The passing of a friend which reminds us not to take our life for granted.

Kharis, even though I do not know him very well, is a jovial guy I me a couple of years ago, on his bike in Ulu Langat. Our favorite route of nasi lemak and durian finale.

We rode together at lest ONCE, climbing up Genting Peres - the political boundary of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

I also bumped into him running the 10km Lake Garden - Kenny Hills loop in the city. 

He was quite a jovial guy. Very active in social media, very likable and sometime he throw on my wall with some subtly controversial remarks - but I didn't mind it at all. It was just a joke. 

He had a good sense of humor, quite articulate and vocal on face book.

I am proud to have someone like him as a friend. 

May Allah bless your soul my friend.


Shot this in Masjid Bulat in PJ while waiting for TSB's jenazah to arrive.

Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest leader and fighter I admire most. All his life he fights for humanity. What a guy. I shot this at my friends office in Cape Town. They are proud of him, Very proud of him.

Current leaders in Malaysia? Far far far far away from it.


Ikan Singgang Terengganu

One of the most simple dishes and yet one of the most delicious. Have this with steaming HOT rice. 

You will thank me.

  • Bahan-bahan ( untuk 2 orang makan )

  • 2-4 potong ikan tongkol/kayu/aya / tenggiri
  • 1 cm lengkuas
  • 1 cm kunyit hidup
  • 3-4 ulas bawang putih
  • 1-2 keping asam keping
  • Garam secukup rasa
  • Cili padi ikut citarasa
  • Air ( agak2 - kalau suka kuah banyak, lebihkan airnya)


  1. Masukkan air ke dalam periuk dan masak sehingga hampir mendidih.
  2. Kemudian, masukkan semua bahan - ikan, lengkuas, kunyit hidup, bawang putih yang telah dihiris/diketuk, asam keping, garam dan ajinamoto ke dalam periuk tadi.
  3. Rebus sehingga ikan betul2 masak, seterusnya campakkan cili padi ke dalam periuk. that's all. Selesai sudah satu masakan yang simple. Boleh terus hidangkan. Makan semasa panas - sedapppp!!!

Food food food

Can't really be abroad for more than 10 days and not missing my Melayu food.

These are traditional Terengganu food served during buka puasa just a couple of days before Raya. We all ate together, on the floor.

Buak Puasa can't be better than this.

The spread


Telur dadar

Timung Cina

Sambal Belacan power

Ikang Kembong

Kerabu Mangga


This is my Things To Do List. I am quite fashion. Besides the accessibility to smart phones with endless features, I still prefer this.

Old fashion it is, but I don't care.

Speaking of old fashion, I recently founf an antique typewriter at Milnerton flea market in Cape Town and told my friend who is in his early 20s. He hasn't got a clue what a typewriter is. I have to BB him this photo - something we used before the arrival of I Mac / MacBookPro.


Ungku Farrah

During my assignment to photograph Thistle Hotel in JB, I saw scores of painting by Ungku Farrah in different parts of the hotel. I was attracted to this one. I acquired it and now sitting in my living room.
Not sure where to hang it yet.