Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am working, as we speak, on more than 1000 images I shot during Hairkunst event. This is my first BIG ass JOB.

I am determined to present it in the best possible way to create an impact to the industry – so to speak lah! – of my arrival.

I want it to be a reference for future jobs and recommendations – the best
FREE advertisement you could get at technically NO COST.

Once I have a nice storyboard, I will stick all those photos in nice albums, on black background to ensure the color focus to the photos. No clutters.

My nephew is designing a cd and cd cover to make it not only professional, but with a personal touch which is rare to get nowadays!

Unlike now, in the olden days craftsmen took pride of their work, or work of art. I cold imagine it would have been quite hard to swallow the fact that it will be sold. It was done with hard work, love and most importantly, PASSION.

To translate that (pride with your work) into my current situation where I need to deliver my the debut of my work to my client.

I want to do it, and I want to do it with PRIDE (not prejudice – I just got to add this bracket, I can’t help it!).

I am thinking I want wrap everything nicely, with ribbons and all, I will deliver the package with a bouquet of flowers (purple – Hairkunst corporate color) – and a bar of chocolate. Since Hairkunst business environment is quite casual, they can enjoy the chocolate bar wile enjoying looking at my work.

I want to add that unique personal touch which is really rare to find nowadays. I am not delivering “some” commodities. What I am presenting is my work of art, of which I am very proud of.

It is supposed to be FUN.

Hmmmm.. Would it work?

I wonder.

I visited Pulau Duyong to talk to some experts in boat making. Pulau Duyong is actually an island in the middle of Sungai Terengganu strategically located for regional trading activities.

The technology of boat making started long time ago. Terengganu used to trade with Siam (Thailand) and Kemboja (Cambodia).

Even my great grandfather was a “nahkoda” before. He sailed deep inside Siam and Kemboja to trade. The local (Terengganu) “exported” jungle products to Siam and they brought back things like salt back to Terengganu.

After a couple interview with the subject matter experts (a Malay Pakcik – Haji Abdullah – fondly known as Pok Loh and a French Lady – Ruhani Longuet) I captured this before I reached my car.

This old man seemed contented, satisfied puffing away.

He couldn’t be happier, I thought.

*credit: the four pics of Perahu Besar belongs to
Ruhani Longuet and her husband, Awi.

Friday, February 27, 2009

One morning at Maha Gandayon Kyaungtaik, Amarapura near Mandalay.

It was lunchtime.

The dining halls of the monastery were packed with monks of different ranks and ages. The junior monks were in their whites and the senior ones in their saffron.

It an amazing sight, NOT sound.

Despite the fact that there were at least 1000 monks, the whole dining area was very quiet.

I was informed they were not supposed to talk during dining.

Such an ironic moment, I thought.

This is what I managed to capture.

I can still hear the silence each time I look at this photo.

This is not a matter of not knowing where to start.

I have started.

I just don’t know where to stop.

I have a dateline, this Monday.

My weekend will be pretty much occupied with this.

I will try to slot in some chores that I cannot afford to delay like:

To check out my Fiat at the workshop – hopefully they have completed the wheel caps, which need a bit of modification to secure it in place.

I also want to shoot some butterflies that I bought from Butterfly Park, Lake Garden.

Most importantly, I have to scan though at least 2000 photos to create a story line and make 3 albums out of it.

I hope my client. BS, will like my work. He liked the first one.

Once they are officially released, I will post some of the work here – work that I am quite proud of.

Meanwhile, I just need to rest a bit and continue the most difficult part: Eliminating photos.

More importantly, it’s quite fun doing this. (so far)

The reward: perhaps it helps me to pay for a new camera body.. huhu


I can now insert my favorite Video from youtube.

I am crazy about the 80's songs now.

I was in Kuala Terengganu earlier.

Visited one of clients.

When I entered his office, he was playing this song on his PC.

As soon as I at home, I searched and downloaded the song.

And share it with you guys...

It certainly bring a lot of memories, if you are as "young" as me.


Monday, February 23, 2009

At least 4 scenes in 1 night.

I was at an old friends’ anniversary celebration. Karaoke at Red Box Plus – The Pavilions Happy 17th Anniversary S&A Known them since college days. I sang a few songs, mostly Indonesian numbers. I seldom sing Indonesian songs in karaoke. I do though sing my heart out in my car – all the time! I was at an old friends’ anniversary celebration.
Scene ONE

Married for 17 years. Been together for 20. S! How could you stand him (A) that long?

Scene TWO

Some dude at the karaoke had the impression that I am such a Mamat Melayu because I have been singing Indonesian songs – I am totally OK with that. To the extend, R (a new acquaintance) asked me: Err.. can you sing English songs? My humble response was: Boleh lah jugak. R: You tahu lagu JU LIO Iglesias tak. (He did’t say the way the Spaniards do – “hulio iglesias”)

I was puzzled for a moment, trying to figure out which “English” singer he was talking about. R: Alah, JU LIO Iglesias! Bapak si Enrico Iglesias tu!


A real Mamat – whom I have not met before, apparently A’s friend arrived (late!). This Mamat came, cozily took the front seat and simply deleted a series of songs JJ (a good friend of mine, and a karaoke regular (an understatement) punched in before the Mamat arrived. Of course we were rather – upset! JJ complained to me. Who’s that guy? He just arrived and started deleting OUR SONGS! Some how or rather, I felt quite brave and blunt at that moment. JJ, I am going to give him a piece of my mind. So I walked steadily to the Mamat with my chest out, at the same time trying to recall the (Mamat Melayu) verbal skills I recently acquired through Red Planet and his PTs. Bro, you delete kita orang punya lagu ke? A ah! Tak boleh ah macam tu bro! Kita orang datang awal dan dah key in banyak lagu you tak boleh ah main delete je. Oh, ye ke (duh!) Ye lah. I think you should stop deleting because we are waiting for the songs. OK. OK. Sorry bro. A few moments later, JJ – a karaoke veteran – quietly kept the remote control in his pocket for the next ONE hour and sang OUR SONGS!.
Scene FOUR

Dude!! I think you spiked my drinks with COKE!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My first (serious) mountain bike.

While backing up the photos I recently took into my external HD, I detoured into the memory lanes og digital albums.

Trust me, I have loads.

I have a couple of my own version of Liz Wong from Bukit Lanjan.

Bumped into the pic of my old flame – Gary Fisher – Kaitai.

My first serious mountain bike I bought from DS.

I love it.

The bike bridges my passions – traveling and photography.

I was so much in love with the new sport.

I even bought the bike from DS. He got it second hand. I am the third owner.

We went to Batu Dam – still a nice trail for newbees – on the way to Ulu Yam and Genting. You have to drive through Gombak.

Beautiful trail, along the water edge of Batu Dam.

A river crossing included, a mild one which give sweet excitement to newbees who love the outdoors and a debut to an extreme.

Graduation: Kiara trails, off course!

I joined the Bike Hash too. In fact I even sat in the committee.

Make new friends, even closer to existing friends.

Talked about cycling all the time and I know some of my friends would shut me up if the had the way.

I like the bike.
I like the way it looks.
I like the frame.
I like the color.
I like the simplicity yet almost classic.
I like how the gear works.
I like learning how to maintain a mountain bike, how the gearing work, I like the simple technology – to transfer the energy from human through pedaling power to move – didn’t change much since its invention.

I even bought a book : Mountain Biking for Dummies

After that, I just love cycling - the Kaitai was not the last of the Fishers I acquired.

Then I traveled very far. Faaaaar!

Another legend was about to start.

*Kaitai was originally purchased 2nd hand by DS from I don’t know who. I am the third owner.

Then I sold it to my nephew (he wanted to lose weight)

But then he hardly used it and the bike collected dust with flat tires.

I bought the bike back from my nephew.

How could you forget about your first love?

Too bad, Kaitai is not with me now.

I really wish…….

Friday, February 13, 2009

Morning Calls

I was looking for someone to have breakfast with this morning.

I ended up eating roti telur (customized to 2 telur in 1 roti) alone in Bangsar.

Friend One

Yes, can. Near EON bank with my husband

(No, thanks. Perhaps I sould have breakfast with your dad)

Friend Two

I am on the way to work

(I know for sure from the voice and ambience, he’s still in bed)

Friend Three

Aku di kantor doung! Aku lagi kerja!

(I thought you were supposed to be on MC, to rest then to go to pre-valentine’s party?)

Friend Four

Hello dear. I am in the office. Perhaps we go to Zeta Bar later tonight.

Friend Five

I am watching porn in bed

(at 9.30am?)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bro & Sis

No, I am not talking about my bunch of close friends.

I am talking about my very own brothers and sisters.

I come from a big family of 8 and then my late father later married a lady who already had 6 grown up children. We could have literally had a football team – better than the corruption laden national football team – I will be the kaki bangku water boy.

I don’t want to talk about the 6 although I am very close to one of the 6.

I want to talk about my immediate 8, my brothers and sisters – by blood.

I have to admit, we were not that close as brother and sisters when we were young – mainly because of the vast age gaps between us. Hence, we all have our own set of good friends. However, interesting ly, in many occasions the friends we have came from the same families – you know like my good friend’s brother is my brother’s good friend and his sister is my sister’s good friend. That sort of thing.

Since a long time ago, since our parents were still around, coming from Terengganu, our family has been quite political. I think this is typical Terengganu. More often than not, everybody has a flag pasted on his / her forehead. Either you are a PAS or BN supporter.

That applies (still does) to our family too.

Our family sort of “divided” into 3 political groups. PAS, BN and “unsure” or “couldn’t care less”.

Sorry, DAP doesn’t really exist in Terengganu. They Chinese are mostly MCA supporters, until the last election where a significant number of them voted for PAS.

Hey, it a democracy!

When my father was still around – actually even now, we still have political debates over dinner table, or when we have dinner on the floor on tikar mengkuang when balik kampung.

I don’t belong to any parties but I do express my independent views on issues I strongly believe in.

Sometimes I think I am quite versatile and my siblings accept that. (I think they do!)

My sister in law did throw a remark once.
“M tu, in KL dia orang BN, balik Tganu, dia jadi orang PAS.”
Half true!

I am running a little business. I have to be apolitical. Especially in Terengganu – because we never know who will rule next.

But I have to say, I really know how to suck up to both sides – in a business / professional way – Nak hidup braderrr!.

That’s why, even though there was a change of governments, my rapport with both sides, I have to say, are still good.

May be I am a closeted politician in my own little world.

Nuff about me, back to my family.

Yes, politically our family is kinda divided.

However, the Malay proverbs - “Air dicincang, tak akan putus- applies here big time!. We have different political views but we are still a strong family unit.

I just got an sms from my brother saying that he just got a job, apart from his very own merit, our elder brother actually did pull some strings to open doors – the rest were the decision of the board. What you know and who you know thingy.

I sms-ed our elder brother

“you got K a job at the P?”

His answer was (and I was not at all surprised)

“Yes, ginilah.. tolong adik adik. Semua kerana mu UMNO

I rolled my eyes, almost puked on the leather daybed.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother……

Lke in other occassion, when it comes to helping each other, the political differences in the family just disappear.....

pix: no they are not my brothers - they are Moroccans.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I am disgusted with the political situation on Perak.

I don't care who joins who.

The fact that one leaps to another party when one was ELECTED by the rakyats based on one's personality and of course the party one belongs to - makes me want to puke.

Most rakyats are disgusted with the whole jumping around - except for the hardcore BN and Pakatan.

It's a JOKE really.

While the whole world is desperate looking for ways to overcome the global economic crisis, our so called leader have not done anything since March last year.

This country, as far as i can remember, has never been as low as this, and I am pretty sure we have not reached the lowest point yet, far from it - perhaps.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

If I were the Governor of the land below the wind - Sabah, I would bestow Jasper a Datukship for his contribution to the popularity of Sabahan language and culture in Peninsular Malaysia and the region!

Terms like “papaidah?” derived from “Apa faedah nya?” or “What’s the freaking point?” has been a vocabulary not only used by Sabahan friends in Kuala Lumpur, it has also been a household word for the rest of his friends from Semenanjung Malaysia - Indian, Chinese, Malay and dan lain lain.

By the way, it just doesn’t stop there. It has been so contagous, even our friends from the Philippines, Lebanon, and Australia… oh and Indonesia have been using the term "papaidah" in perfect contacts. Soon it will find it’s way into Wikipedia.

Jasper loves to sing. When he is in the mood, he could be singing not only in Karaoke joints, but also at the Devi’s Corner, Jalan Alor, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at 4 o clock in the morning.

And of course the introduction of the traditional Sabahan party song – no no – not that sumazau Jambatan Tamparuli song! It’s “Drink Sang Galas” which means “yo! drink up from your glorious glass!” to KL party scene and has even found its way to the region including Bangkok, Jakarta and Phnom Penh at venues I am not privileged to disclose.

Enough about this party animal.

Friendly is Jasper’s nature.

He can even have a solid conversation with lady Imelda Marcos or even Makcik who sells kerepek on the streets of Bangsar.

Quite lot of people who do not know Jasper could be quite intimidated when they meet this kinda good looking Pan Asian bloke who claims to be orally versatile with tongue that speaks French, Tagalog, Queen’s English and his all time favorite Bahasa Indonesia – PASTI DOUNG!) until they see him gobble up sambal belacan and ulam down his throat, then they notice the irony which breaks the ice immediately. And once the wall collapse, they will be apart of Jasper’s circle of friends, which as you notice over your shoulder are samples of individuals from all walks of life. From the royal houses to corporate bigwig and entrepreneurs or even a mere mortal kampung boy from terengganu like me. The proof is all around you - how socially versatile Jasper is.

For this I have to say:

Jasper Diego, we are blessed to have you not only as a good friend, but also to have you as part of our life!

A bit of a background on our dearest host tonight is rather appropriate, I reckoned.

Jasper graduated from a Catholic Walsh University in the land of Barrack Hussein Obama (not Kenya, the United States lah!) He was a pias student who’s heart very close to the fate of the poor and the homeless. Eventhough he rarely cooked for us, he cooked for the poor and the homeless!

After graduated with magna-cum-laude (I wonder who he slept with to get that!), he came back to Sabah clueless what to do next until his family dragged him into a dangerous business of firearms trading. Yes guys, guns! Not roses! The glorious Kashoogi era didn’t last that long when Jasper decided to do his MBA at University Malaya – I am not sure whether it was a case of a thirst for knowledge or an escapism. Any how, besides Barbarran Friday nights and rowdy The Chill Club Saturday nights, besides The Backroom nights,

he miraculously completed his MBA, after which he lectured at University Malaya for a couple of years before a good friend recommended him a job at a Fortune 500 company – Petronas based in the twin towers. Ideally located, since then KLCC has been our favorite lunch venue, especially on Fridays – as prelude to weekends of partying.

Now, Jasper has reached a fork in his professional life. A good fork!

Jasper has been promoted to be the Head of Regional Planning Department in Petronas Carigali Sabah Operation, (well, lets congratulate him to that)

to report duty the day after tomorrow – which I foresee is going to be quite hard not because of transitional adjustment of environment, but to get rid of the hangover or basian as a result of this party.

Trust me Jasper is a cheap date who can be tipsy after a mug of beer, or a glass of finely concocted Vodka Cranberry by Mario Mahmood or half a glass of Long Island Iced Tea mixed by our favorite bartender from the Philippines.

Jasper Diego,

Prior to your legendary departure, on behalf of our friends, I would like to say the followings:

Warong Haji Don in Plaza Damas and Berjaya Restaurant in Bangsar will be very peaceful from now on, without your loud voice. Besides, the patrons will be bored as they will no longer be entertained by gossips that slipped through our tables.

There will be less waiting time for dinner - “goodness - your lateness!)

There will be one less regular patron who suffers from hangover on Sunday afternoon at SFX church.


One less Indonesian speaking Sabahan in KL

I am, naturally quite sad not having the privilege (sometimes a burden) to hangout as often as we did for almost a decade anymore. I am sure all of our friends share the same feelings about this.

But, I seriously don’t know how you are going to cope with a new working life in Sabah after a colorful life in KL. I will try to get Tony Fernandaz to start Air Asia loyalty program because I know for sure you will be a frequent KK – KL route flyer beginning next week.

As much as I am sad, I think for sure we will see you quite regularly during your future fabricated business trips to KL.

I can go on and on bitching about Jasper, but enough is enough. We know he is a great guy and we all are going to miss him very much.

Before a special toast to Jasper, on behalf of our friends,


we would like to express our gratitude for hosting such a wonderful party (as always). Even though it was rather last minute, (as always), it has been a great pleasure to be here.

Now, I would like to ask all of you to raise your glasses, a toast to the ONE and ONLY Jasper Diego.

May your new endeavor bring you lots of success and may our wonderful friendship lasts forever.