Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raya, but not quite Raya

Some of my siblings will not be in Terengganu for Raya. Then I feel macam tak best nak balik kampung. I love Terengganu but if there are not many of my siblings are going to be there, tak best.

Since business is going to be closed for about a week, I decided to go else where during hari raya break.

I am going there alone, with my cameras. Yes, I will also be doing underwater photography. Just pray the weather will be on my side.

To me, the image of luxury resorts with water villas on stilts above crystal clear water and corals has become quite monotonous. 

I, instead, am more interested in the people, their culture, their everyday life. The challenge is, how can it be uniquely Maldives? How physically distinctive are they from their Sri Lankan and Indian neighbors. I am very curious about this and I haven't  got a clue so far. But I really need to untangle that and turn it into a very nice piece of photography.

photo: shots at Urgench, Ozbekiston while waiting for a delayed train.

chorat choret

What is your opinion about being casual like wearing round neck t shirts during weekdays, or even weekend,

Some people think its selekeh. Not presentable just incase you bump into friends or some business people that you know.

I guess it makes a lot of sense to conform. But, is it not cool if I don't conform? I think I have passed the corporate days, even then I detest to wear neck tie. I don’t mind suits though because I have been told that I look good in it.

Nowadays I hardly go to corporate meetings - unless the Aussies are around. I am very casual most of the time. I hate to dress up. Who is there to impress? And why?

This is just me I guess. I even once went to see the State Secretary with my torn jeans when I balik kampung. Of course they will look at you “one kind”. I even went to see the District Forestry Officer in my shorts - con I forgot to pack my trousers during one of the monotonous trip to Kuantan.

Okay lah. I think those are very inappropriate. Kita ada adab. We shouldn’t be biadap. We should be presentable when we go to other peoples house / office.

It’s gonna be hard but I will do it.

photo: street of Buxoro, Ozbekiston.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lemon is good for you

Try slicing some lemon and throw into a jug of cold water and serve it to your guests over dinner. Its delicious and nutritious too - I was told. 

I did just that when I hosted buka puasa at my place recently.

My friends love it.


I have gone through the RAW files of photos shot during Morocco trip years ago countless times. I recently revisited thousands of RAW photos of Morocco and I pleasantly discovered this photo.

I didn't even notice how beautiful this photo is until years later.

I remember woking up very early in cold Moroccan winter to capture the sunrise over Hassan II mosque.  It was cold, I was hungry and it even drizzled. I determined, waited until the subuh azzan broke the silence of Casablanca early morning before the crack of dawn and the sunrise.

The lighting, I just realized, was perfect. And the subject is just exotic.


Pura in memories

One of the most wonderful things about being a photographer is the ability to recall - not only the details of the subjects - but also the elements behind the camera and the surrounding - which do not appear in the photograph
This photo reminds me of the beauty of Pura Tanjung Sabtu’s architecture. I miss this place. I remember the cool breeze against my face in the evening. I even remember the smell of Bunga Kerak Nasi - Well, thats what we call it back in Terengganu. 
To a certain extend, kerak nasi it self smells quite nice too, especially the half burnt ones, I think. Anyway, Pura has that and the smell that fills the cool night with beautiful fragrant. 

And when you look at the sky, full moon is shining above you with silhouette of the traditional roof - the atap.

From my Kitchen

A salad fork and some dried noodle, en voila!

Still life

I recently got a job to supply and install almost 100 pieces of my photography work to a newly opened hotel in KL.

I am very happy with it. I was given 2 weeks to complete and I did it well. I gave my all and it paid off. At least the hotel's boss is very happy.

I made quite a handsome some of money from it. I already decided to plough everything back into photography..... and some holidays too ;-)

My pieces clad several restaurants and meeting rooms and common areas of the hotels. 

Very proud of it.

While working night and day to deliver this biggest photography order so far, which included choosing from thousands of my image bank, shoot some still life, conceptualize and framing, layout and installation I revisited some of Photoshop functions which I haven't been using for a while. Its good to refresh my skills. And I get hooked experimenting still life.

Like this one.

this is actually a jar of fettuccine in a jar from my kitchen, with some editing using Photoshop.