Monday, July 02, 2012


Ninsky's New Abode

A very good friend of mine just moved to a new home. I gave her 2 series of my collection. 

The Kecak collection which I shot in Bali and the Batik collection which I shot in Mabul Island of Borneo.

She was very happy.

The house warming party is this weekend - yeay!

Marini's on 57th

I was introduce to Marini's on the 57th by a hotelier after a monthly gathering of hoteliers in KL. It was a very interesting night and I met several not only interesting, but also very nice people.

We ended at Marini's on 57th. I have never heard of it before but it was a pleasant surprise. One of the most spectacular views of the the Twin Tower you can get.  Just imagine looking at both towers from the 57th floor of a building just next to the tower. No other spots from a nearby buildings can challenge that I think.

The ID of the club was nice but the crowd was just OK. More office crowd - which is quite a disappointment.

Met Mr Modesto himself - the owner of the joint. He gave us a heads-up - the Italian restaurant will be opened soon.

Now I know where to take my Australian colleagues for dinner, and drinks - for a change.

Standcart Kuala Lumpur run 2012

I completed 10km but not without a bit of suffering - for lack of training. 

Still, I am very happy I did it.