Saturday, June 30, 2007

A week to go.....

.........and you will get your life-sentence.

that i jokingly said to RBK coz he's getting hitched this coming saturday (yup! - 070707). You know: zero seven zero seven zero seven. If RBK ever forget their anniversary in the future, he deserves to be smacked with a frying pan by his wife! Seriously, you can't even use the excuse "honey (ooops!), i forgot the date lah!" hence you cannot afford to forget to buy them "glitters"....

i learned today, another highly sought after date is the twentieth of july 2007 bacause it reads: two zero zero seven two zero zero seven. (if i use the cut-and-paste method to type that, i just need to write half of it, cut it and paste it right next to original). 20072007.

i used to know someone who's identity very much attached to a number (commonly known as "lucky number") but that's history and i don't care anymore.... really!

back to RBK, a bunch of his friends swung by my place to pick him up. they were going to take him out, ready to paint Jalan Imbi neons RED until later than 3am. their idea of having a great time apart from karaoke (and whatever that come with it..) is to go somewhere first get pissed drunk and once they are already really pissed, they want to walk along the Heritage Row in that state of mind.

I asked: where are you guys going first?

Them: Don't know..... karaoke kut...


I supposed Ms D would agree with me if i were to assume that they are going to see things look like the first few photos in the Perhentian "Last Boat to Senja" post.

To the couple,

I wish them happiness for a long long time and I will be going to the akad nikah with my camera. Too bad Mr. D70s will be one of the dulang boys or else we would both be trigger-happy throughout the ceremony.

My only hope is Mr. D70s will get off his bed on time this time around as he f***ed it up big time on RBK's bertunang day recently. The cili padi just didn't arrive.


OVERSLEPT (duh! your friend engagement?)


i keep to my rights to believe / not to believe in marriage.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Only in Wyoming?

HRi told me about his experience in Wyoming.
Not quite sure whether he went there for work or collage.

At this time of the year the population would eagerly wait for the arrival of the 4th. July.

There are celebrations across America.... which mean picnic and fireworks.

He was in Wyoming on the 4th of July and had a picnic, laid on the grass watching the fireworks.

While watching the sky with explosions of various colors, the people would utter "wow" and "wah" in amazment as soon as the fireworks exploded into vibrant colors EXCEPT for the color PURPLE when everybody (I meant everybody) would shout:


That was rather interesting, I thought.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fat Boy Bakes

I should have posted this weeks ago, but I ws rather busy lah...

Dedicated to CY:


CY is a good friend of mine.

Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, he understands the Malay culture quite well due to his early education at a local residential military college. A professional engineer (Ir.) and an MBA holder, he is a multi talented man who owns a realty company wheeling and dealing properties in the vicinities of Bangsar, Damansara Heights, and Mont’ Kiara.

CY loves to throw dinner parties at his own home. His dinner parties are the best.
Passionate about cooking and baking his dinners are normally full-course ones (and more!), from starter to dessert. Beverages are free flow tapped from their own cellar lined with comprehensive collection of reds, whites and bubbles.

A couple of weekends he threw another dinner party for 12 of us.


Pizza with scallops
Pumpkin soup
Salted cheese platter

Main course:

Salad with quail’s eggs
Honey roasted lamb
Chicken with mushroom pie


Flourless chocolate cake (his specialty)
Apple crumble

Thanks Marsimmo for your photographic memory. Without which I cannot remember what I ate at CY’S.

BS had to remind me at the beginning of the dinner to go easy on the delicious appetizers as there was more food to come.

CY makes a point to print the menu of the dinner and put it on the table, like what they do in fine dining restaurant, except this is just…… better.

I enjoyed the dinner tremendously. As usual I over ate. Ha ha, what’s new!

Thanks CY for another fantastic dinner.


I regularly order cakes from CY for Hari Raya especially. He has a blog: Check it out if you are into baking.
His flourless chocolate cakes, served with pure cream are TO DIE FOR….

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Explaination required

I have to explain to KW's girlfriend that nothiing happened last Saturday nite on his speaker phone today.


I told her to read my blog after that.

All truth.....

So what if it wasn't ;-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Across The Lines - Aswad Ameir


Seni hanya akan berpusar dalam konteks yang sempit dan menjadi sekadar 'harta' peribadi seseorang pengkarya sekiranya tidak dikongsi bersama masyarakat. Kerana itu, seniman seharusnya mencari hala tuju sendiri untuk menjayakan perkongsian itu. Usaha ini akan menjadi lebih ringan dengan adanya institusi-institusi serta individu-individu prihatin yang sedia menyediakan ruang dan menghulurkan sokongan.

Disamping itu ia dapat menyumbang kepada perkembangan seni tanahair dan melalui pengetahuan serta pengalaman yang mendalam, seni tidak akan lagimenjadi suatu perkara yang asing di mata masyarakat

A. Latiff Mohidin
Teluk Kumbar
Pulau Pinang.
15hb Jun 2007

Exactly my point!

extracted from:
Aswad Ameir Solo Exhibition at Seksan Design

KW and I went out on Saturday nite and we had a FANTASTIC time.

Nice dinner at Cava (check it out!) Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar - Please try the oxtail pasta. Sedap!

Aswad solo exhibition at Seksan's Gallery, Tempinis 1, Bangsar. - Aswad - 30yrs old. Some nice work and very affordable. Could be a good investment. I can see some potential in the guy.

The Attic - Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar. - Mojito - 'nuff said!

It has been a while since the last time we got plastered and made the fool out of ourselves.... (We even got an invitation for a 3some... can you believe it?) Of course we didn't. Are you crazy?

colors of sungai buloh

BB wanted to get a pokok bunga cempaka for his balcony. I thought it was a brilliant idea since he has the space for it and it will definitely make the balcony look better. I suggested to go to, where else, sungai buloh.

I went there many times before until it was invaded by the datins and puan sris who loaded their range rovers and spoilt the market. Why travel so far if I can get something for the same price, closer to home.

Anyway. we drove to sungai buloh. The whole place looked totally different with highways, spaghetti flyovers and endless blocks of high density flats so badly designed and built. Future slums, I thought.

The area is totally different now we almost missed the turning to go to those nurseries by the roadside as I wasn't really sure how to get to the area where they use to have hospital for the lapers. Is it still there, I wonder. I don't know. I didn't want to take the chance as it was rather a hot day.

It was a good decision to bring my camera along, hence these images of flowers.....

After choosing the plant, pot, soil and pebbles, the workers miraculously managed to fit everything including the 6ft odd pokok bunga cempaka into a sport sedan.


I am NOT a freak (after all!)

I was at The Attic @ Bangsar last night.

Went to the washroom.

A small picture frame hung on the wall next to the WC.

Not quite aligned.

I didn't even touch it.

So, I am normal.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Am I am freak?

I am not particularly a neat kind of person, nor am I a messy type. Just normal. Even if I do not have a maid who comes once a week, I think I can manage. I have done that before, for a long time, since college days.

Some how or rather some of my friends have the impression that I am quite anal. Oh well, if you are drinking a glass of cold drinks, obviously you have to utilize the coaster, right? There is nothing wrong with that. It is just proper.

But, I have to admit one thing. It has been several occasions when I went for my appointments and encountered those frames on the wall which were not aligned properly, I would actually straighten it.

Does that mean I am a freak?

By the way, I have stopped doing that.......


Saturday, June 16, 2007

He is CRAZY.. in a good way...

I am at Pura at the moment in the dark in my little suite (Rumah Nesan Empat).

Rather quite. I can only hear the crickets, gentle and cool air blowing (from the air conditioner). It’s a cool night - it rained earlier.

I just came back from town. I had to lock the gate – 150 meter from the house. I went to TITS room to say good night. While waiting for him to get me a bottle of water I look around me in semi darkness.

The typical old Terengganu roofs with thin pieces of clay tiles – surrounded me. I felt like I am covered with beautiful expression of traditional Terengganu architecture - all the 6 houses and the 7th situated about 100 meter by the river, away from the fantastic cluster of TITS’s wonderful piece of work. I can’t help but to wonder in amazement, of course, how the heck did he do it when he is neither an engineer nor an architect. So much time, creativity and resources….. and sweat. Determination - definitely phenomenal.

To see it again and again, still feels like the first time.

My last word to TITS before I wished him good night:

Ku We, you are CRAZY for recomposing such a magnificent PURA, le petit palais.


I have a passion. In fact I have several passions.

I have a couple of friends who are passionate about various activities. To certain degree, some of them are rather obsessed and some are mere eccentric. I personally do not see it as something negative.

I guess I am one of them.


DS has more than 20 bicycles.

RARS has more than 100 pairs of Levi’s 501.

PU has library of old books at home with a lot of classics including Malay literature by Prof Dr Hamka. He is, naturally an historian. He calls all his cats (more than 5) by the same name (how weird is that).

And I, for years, when going abroad was super big deal, wrote postcards addressed to myself from the places I visited for the first time. I still have them.

Weird kan?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Last Boat to Senja







shot when i was on the boat, to pick up another diver from Perhentian Island Resort. the resort is still a favourite to many esp. those who are willing to spend a bit more.

sunset view from the beach level of Senja Resort. low shutter speed, hence the silky effect of the water.

view from Senja restaurant.... wifi ready. you can actually take your laptop to the beach and still connected.

view from my balcony located high on a cliff which height is equivalent to the 5th floor of a commercial building. it has a fantastic view at any time of the day.

a boat resting in the early evening before after a hard day work. tommorow is another day.

It has been a week

A week life without Astro

Not bad at all.

Blacked out from crappy world politics and their local counterparts.

I miss Discovery channel though.

Is smart tunnel really smart?

Then, why do we still get flash flood in the city?

Perhaps it will only work when we actually start paying.

Just came back from a family dinner. Rather depressed with current issues in this country and how badly it is being run.

There will be an end to this, one day.......

One day, it will.

This particular post is dedicated to TITS for sending me this sms before he returned to KT today.

"My dear you not updating your blogger why?
Your fan."

I will see him in Pura this weekend. A weekend soaked with heritage and culture....


authentic Terengganu Chinese traditional cuisine.

* all pics were shot in kuala terengganu last weekend. i tasted every single one of them. they all make me hungry.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2 Things


When I was in Hyatt Kuantan last week I ordered Milo - night cap type of thing.
They were out of Milo.
Can you believe it?
Hyatt, no Milo?
I was too tired and sleepy to deal with it....


I arrived late last night.
Switched on Astro.
"This channel is not included in your subscription"
Ooops, I forgot to pay the bill.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

On My Knees

I was kneeling the 2 solid days to photograph food, food and food. Most of the time I had to kneel on the floor. (worse than carpet burn ;-)) My knees were aching and so was my back (sign of old age?). Seriously, it was literally a back breaking task. Laborious! But I am quite happy with the results.

Pretty worth it after acquiring a set of my own lighting. With a bit of creativity, I think I can have a little studio at home. (God I need a bigger space!)

Yes, any of you interested to be a model? I want to practice good portraits!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Just a minute ago while I was booting up my lap top a Chinese girl (early 20’s) approached my table

Excuse me sir.

Yes (Am I sitting at Nirvanna Maju in Bangsar and someone is trying to sell me something? I thought for a second)

With thick Chinese accent she went

I lost a bet with my friends and I have to take a picture with you.

Oh OK… (now, where is the Candid Camera crew)

When I turned around, about 10 of her friends were watching us lead by a guy with a pocket camera (I hope it’s a Nikon)


I asked: Where are you guys from?

Ipoh (mali?)

Oh.. Have a good time!

Errr..... not yet sir.


One more penalty…

(Double) Huh????

I have to hug you sir.

I gave her a polar bear hug.

Hugs. It has been a while since the last time I gave a tight polar bear hug to someone I really care…….

Must be the fresh air of Perhentian and the soothing music in the background…

The waiter came and delivered my teh tarik.

He went:
Demo tu ingak abe mak salleh


I am helping out TPR to express her passion - her very own root, the Terengganu Chinese community and cooking. Old community, naturally close-knit and interrelated. A bit complicated but totally organized. Totally! Did I say totally again? Totally!

I met almost a dozen personalities who came from this community. Some very prominent, some are just kueh cina baking aunties. And they are all extremely attached and proud of their roots. Until today!

These Chinese people I met, like their Malay and Indian counterparts, are from different walk of lives. From a Tan Sri to Auntie Wee who bakes 500 apang kukuh (apam kukus) per day (and nite!).

Auntie Wee has been baking for the past 28 years! She’s is 52. Married twice, the second one was with a Malay man who apparently left her. I supposed she was a Muslim once. (Is this considered a murtad case? Lets get DZ to cover that part of the story for her IM2.

Auntie Wee has 2 sons; they are both in KL working. Unfortunately, her sons are not well educated. One of them is working to repair air-conditioners and install them. The other boy, I haven’t got a clue what he does in KL. Since the second son did help her to bake when he was growing up, she was rather hopeful the son will come back and continue what she does which she inherited from an old women who passed the recepe to her personally before the old lady died.

At 52, Auntie Wee still lives in a rented house in Jalang Air Jerneh, and she bakes to pay the rent. To her, when there are shortages of sugar or increase in the prices of flour or sugar or eggs, these will eat up whatever little profit she makes. She can’t simply raise the price of her kueh that she has been supplying to resorts in Pulau Redang.

She lives alone, works alone sometime until 4 in the morning to meet the order. If she can’t meet the order, she might not get future ones.

The second time I saw her, she was more cheerful. Later I found out her cousin was in town from Singapore which mean they are going to bake together for the next few days.

I tried applying my limited economic knowledge struggling to try to enhance the efficiency of her production line by suggesting her to get bigger steamer. She said it has to be custom-made and it will cost her RM60. And because of that she has to bake until really late!

I almost dropped my camera (of course I didn’t, are you kidding!). But, really I felt like crying when I heard her story.

She actually said to me in Bahasa Terengganu:
Nasib baik Tuhang bagi kita panda masok. Buleh kita cari makang.
(Nasi baik Tuhan beri kita pandai memasak, boleh cari makan)
(Thank God for giving me the knowledge to bake. At least I can ear a living.


I am at Senja Bay Resort, Pulau Perhentian.
Arrived earlier today after a hard and literally back breaking task photographing authentic food by the small and unique Chinese community in Terengganu predominantly in Kampung Cina Kuala Terengganu.

Extremely interesting, totally exciting and really touched my heart deeply. It has been part of Terengganu culture for hundreds of years.

Not just 50 years.

I was the photographer and food stylist all in one, and bloody cheap. (Free mah!)

That’s another blog altogether.

Times like this I were a good writer. But don’t worry, I’ve got everything (almost) in jpgs and raws.

OK, I am back in Perhentian. Been here scores of times. Still idyllic just the way I remember it. Quite happy to see the government is improving Kuala Besut jetty. I was pissed off because they locked the public toilet during lunch time. What up with that!

I am going to be here for a couple of days just to chill and lepak, doing absolutely nothing but sleeping, eating, diving, eating, eating……

The stretch beach where Senja Bay is located is rather quiet as there are not many chalets here. It faces the sun set and I just snapped great sunset shots straight from my room located up the cliff of the bay.

Trust me it’s just beautiful. Paradise.

It feels different, absolutely peaceful.

This entry was posted in Senja CafĂ©, right after watching the sunset by the beach……