Friday, November 30, 2012

Different bike, different feel

Dato’ S explain to me before. That triggered a number of bikes I have. I still do and I love them all.

Carbon frame is very light and stiff but the ride is very dull. 

Steel frames are more responsive. Not dull. U feel you work in tandem with the bike, especially in climber. However, it’s relatively heavier for climbing. It is best for touring where a little comfort over an eight hour a day ride is considered super luxury.

Friday, November 02, 2012

MotoGP 2012, SEPANG International Circuit

I was at Sepang a couple of weekends back. 

Not really my cup of tea. Not really sure what was going on. I think a major chunk of Perdana Suite guests also didn't know what was going on.

Oh well, they were all busy socializing, so it doesn't matter.

My friend was very kind to give me VIP passes. Perhaps I should give him a photo nicely framed for his office.

I had a great time shooting, nevertheless. However,  it rained quite a bit, wet and humid. 

It is quite tricky to shoot a speeding bullet in a low light. I have to compensate it with bigger ISO.

Turn out well, I think.


My attempt to apply for Nepalese visa yesterday did not materialize. They only accept submission before lunch. I sweated like a pig walking from Ampang Park to MCA building.

Today I went again. Before lunch. 

As usual, a bit noisy and..... smelly. (serious BO)


2 persons attempted to cut queue. I gave them my piece of mind, then they went to the back, in line.