Sunday, February 08, 2015


Ayam Masak Kicap (ABC from Jakarta) and load of ginger.
Not bad

My lil Brondong

Final coat has been sprayed. Now undergoing polishing stage. Soon I will scrutiny every single inch of the car. 

Beauty is in the perfection.

Considering I need to do u[ the interior again, and Chinese New Year is coming, give and take I'd give it another month I think.

Genting Sempah

Weekend cycling is always fun.

Yesterday was especially nice. The weather was perfect. In fact it was windy and cold at the peak. What a beautiful day to ride, especially with good friends. Same kaki.

I have been wanting to get Dr K to come back to ride Sempah. Finally he could make it. We enjoyed our ride. It was quite effortless for me because I was yapping throughout the climb.

And Matt took us to this little secret on Sempah - where we can hangout and watch the traffic on Karak Highway.

What a great Saturday morning.

My Little Brondong

The final coat of paint has been sprayed on. It has been many months.

Brondong is about 80% completed.

I really miss driving it. I think when is completed as usual I will drive it to my running point like Lake Garden and Kiara. 

Driving Brandong on Sunday mornings is alway fun.