Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cycling Ulu Langat

After a 60km ride on Sunday morning in Ulu Langat, we normally take a dip into the cool (sometimes too cold) river Langat. After which we will go for Nasi Lemak and durian for dessert.

This is the view at the nasi lemak place.

This is one out of many reasons why I love Kuala Lumpur. This spot is just 30 minutes away from home.

Private Presentation to a Collector

A couple of months ago I met Geoff during the launch of Ambiance at 1 Mont Kiara. At the same event I did my first exhibition.

Geoff and his wife, both are Aussies were very interested in my work, requested my to present to them at their beautiful home in Serene Kiara.

I sold 3 pieces. A pair to them and another one to Rhonda, an American - a neighbor of theirs.

Another Kapas Weekend

How can you get tired of this?

And this...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Baik Untok Kita?

This is a Guinness Stout ad published in the 60s in Malaysia. My friend, Adam, got it from his friend from a library in the States.

If this kind of advert were to be publish in local dailies, I bet it going to be a big drama in Malaysian politics.

A day before Ramadhan

The very last day, a day before puasa, I drove the brondong to have Nasi Dagang breakfast at Che Nah in Subang Jaya

Different shades of my favorite building in KL

I recently gave a short night tour of KL to my friend Gary from Manila who is visiting KL. Took him to Dataran Merdeka.

He is very impressed with KL.

Yes, I am proud and love this city.

I hope the politicians will not ruin it

Dream Chair - ‎"Even if it's black, it's green."

One of the most rewarding days of my life.

The Aeron chair didn't end up in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection just because it looks cool. Although it does. Its looks are only the beginning. Aeron accommodates both the sitter and the environment. It adapts naturally to virtually every body, and it's 94% recyclable. Even if it's black, it's green. []

AERON chair [the manual that comes with it]

Imaginative design, fast-forward ergonomics and a look so distinctive that it's probably the only office chair that people can identify by name. Adaptable to all sizes and shapes and all the motions you go through every day while seated, Aeron provides healthy comfort and balanced body support with its innovative suspension and easy-to-use adjustment controls. Work chair, side chair, and stool support all kinds of office work.

The lumbar adjustable support follows the natural contour of your spine

A modest, but fundamental, design addition, PostureFit is part of what makes Aeron so comfortable to sit in, even for hours and hours on end. PostureFit supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays aligned and you avoid back pain.

How to take care of your chair.

We're serious about comfort. The high, wide, contoured back takes the pressure off your lower spine. Armrests slope slightly down in the back for the most natural and comfortable support. The "waterfall" front edge of the seat takes the pressure off your thighs, so your blood keeps circulating and you stay alert and focused. The patented Kinemat tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally. The Aeron chair moves effortlessly with your whole body, as if your body were telling the chair what to do.

And it comes with 12 years warranty - can you believe it?

The Aeron aesthetic has been copied and copied-because, well, it's a beautiful chair. But despite its stand-out look, it fits right in, whether your office is high-tech, casual, elegant, or a room at home that doubles as a gym. Three Pellicle weaves in neutral colors and a range of finish options so that you can create the Aeron you really want.

Try sitting on it - I am serious - you will fall in love..... with the chair.

p/s rewarding because I bought this chair using the fees I got from my photography services. Very rewarding.


Shot, right before subuh prayer during ziarah in Madinah - al- Nabawi mosque. During my umrah trip a few years back.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I prefer to cook during ramadhan. One, partly because bazaar ramadhan sucks - not tasty and overpriced.

I baked my own dessert - like some other thing I cook, the recipes are from the internet.

A couple of days bake I bakes bread and butter pudding for my sister buka puasa. I didn't even eat it. I baked it just for her.

She hangs around her good friends during her summer holidays before she goes back to school in Milwaukee.

set the oven at 180 degree Celsius

10 pieces of white bread - white bread? I know, bad ain't it?

trim the crust

spread some butter on each piece and also line the oven safe container with butter too

Raisin, presoaked in hot water - to soften it

boil 4 cups of full cream milk (not low fat ya) add 1 cup of sugar once boiling

4 eggs - beaten

pour the eggs into the boiling milk and stir well.

add 2 tea spoon of vanilla essence, again, stir well.

pour over the buttered bread and raisin

ready for the oven

180 degree Celcius for 25 minutes


Monday, August 08, 2011

“A friend cannot be considered a friend until he is tested in three occasions: in time of need, behind your back, and after your death.”
“Ali ibn abi Talib”

Chow Kit

I had about 30 minutes to kill while waiting for time to berbuka puasa. Buka puasa was at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, at an East Coast joint serves ikan singgang - my favorite.

I think I know how to cook it but I just hate to deal with fresh fish in my kitchen. It stinks.

Armed with my I phone, a smile and sense of adventure, I managed to capture this. Nothing great, but I like them.

Selamat berbuka puasa.

ikan selayang

buah salak

jambu air


cool jual ikan boy with ikan merah (I think)

tebu - menanam tebu di pinggir bibir


pasar chow kit

my kuala lumpur


I just got back from berbuka puasa at my friend’s place, SR. A businessman with a lovely wife and very talented child. I have photographed the family twice and the results were apparently outstanding.

I had to have lunch with the family to present my work. The smiles in their face were magic. It was a major satisfaction to me.

Anyway, SR is an art collector. Havent been t the house for a while and I notices new pieces that caught my eyes. Syed Ahmad Jamal’s and and italian bust of a lady, sculptured in glass. Solid glass. Beautiful pieces.

I am not really in touched with any art scene but I do appreciate great works of art.

When I returned home we were exchanging gratitudes on the dinner and he also sent me a series of photos of his songket collection. Seriously, he is a serious collector.

He sees the work of Terengganu art. I do to, of course. But it’s very nice to hear such remarks made by someone who is not from Terengganu but passionate about songket.

I myself have always been impressed by the work of art and I do recognize not just the effort but also more importantly the talents of songket designers and weavers.

The work of art in some culture are very fine and of the highest quality from the people and most of them give their best to give to their respective gods - like the ornate carvings on their buildings of worship - mosques, churches, wats etc. Human dedication tho their creators - what ever their belief, irregardless.

Sonket is different in that sense. It has got NOTHING to do with you devotion to God. It is just art expressed beautifully with endless passion. If you understand how long it is to complete, intricacy of its design, color scheme, and various other factors, you woud understand what I mean.

Not unlike the carpet weavers. Traditionally it is an individual expression of his / her work of art, again with deep passion and pride.

I personally know a songket designer, YM Tengku Ismail Tengku Su. A person I admire in term of his deep knowledge in Terengganu culture and its sultanate. Unfortunately Tengku Ismail (fondly known as Ku We) is currently is not well, suffering from a serious heart attack and under life support in London. I am very sad and worried that we might lose him - meaning to say, we would lose a part of Terengganu culture.

My prayers - may he recover and come back to the beautiful Pura Tanjung Sabtu.

It would be very sad to see the disappearance of beautiful skills in our culture which has been with us for centuries - no doubt worth preserving as it is part of our identity we are proud of.

Unfortunately I do not see serious effort being done to ensure the continuity of this skill.

My ambition is to produce a coffee-table book on Terengganu and of course songket will be one of the highlights.