Monday, April 16, 2007

Do you want a brand new road for your kampung?

Then you have to pray hard so that your wakil rakyat or ahli parlimen die.

If there was no by-election, your hometown would be left behind from any development. Unless of course it has a gold mine or timber forest ready for exploitation.

It is very cheap to retain your control in Malaysian politics.

Build new road (only if someone died)

Get the ministers to visit.

Use all available media.

Oh! Machap is in Melaka and Ijok is in Selangor.

I haven't got a clue until their Wakil Rakyats kicked the bucket!


bola2api said...

I always thought Machap is in Johor HAHAHA

2 wks ago when I did the Afamosa tri bike leg, we cycled from Afamosa resort to Hutan Perca, to Machap, then u-turned back to Afamosa.

Very hilly. 50% spent climbing, 49% downhill, 1% only flat. Macam nak pengsan!

shemeq said...

how long was the ride?