Thursday, January 09, 2014

Brekkie at Auto Bavaria

I am quite a demanding customer - because I know my rights.

Auto Bavaria is ok but sometimes the service is very slow, whenever I send my bike in for servicing or repair.

Once, they even didn't get the QC right. Returned to me a bike which was not completely fixed. They didn't even check before rolling out the bike.

The only good thing is their breakfast. SImple nasi lemak, choice of pastry and teh tarik

Monday, January 06, 2014


Car donated by JJ



Too lazy to get off bed and switch off the lights and shut the bedroom door...

Lazy day

I like lazy days.... SOMETIMES :-)

Breakfast Ride @ Janda Baik

One of my favorite cycling route is Janda Baik. It is also now one of my favorite biking route. RR and HJ decided to follow me for breakfast, Sunday ride. It was really fun to lepak, have breakfast and cath up at Kopi & Kraft.

RR is late. Ish....

Sharing holiday photos on handphone. HJ was showing the photos of her Mount Rinjani, Lombok hike recently. Fantastic view. Apparently the climb was quite hard.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I decided to celebrate new year right here in KL.

Partly because I just got back from a holiday, so the budget isn't there.

Besides most of my close friends are scattered all over.

It was very nice. A great view from Strato, Troika.

We had a great view. The fireworks was quite a disappointment. Its like just fireworks without any theme and fancy light show.

Still nice, nevertheless.

They should try to shoot the fireworks from the KLCC towers. Like what they do on The Burj in Dubai.


The advantage of waking up early, you are rewarded with such a nice cloud formation. I am an early riser. Alway look forward to my sun salutation class every Thursday morning with Dr Dhilip.

This is the view from my house. 

To catch this, wake up early and look up to the sky.

It is a beautiful world.

Cool Blue

Got this pair from my recent holidays when my siblings and I attacked the Premium Outlets around Chicago. This is one of my favorite buy. 

Permanently in my car.

Don't lose it boy!

Morning Walk

Have not been to Kiara for months. The last time I rode my road bike and it was almost dark, last year. 

Took a walk with HJ last friday morning.

Under the pretext of maintaining the slope, the earthwork done by the contractor is so bad. It is quite hazardous to passerby.

The open cut is opened to the elements which can cause more erosion. The site management is very poor.

Where is the authorities?

We dropped by Podgy and the Bankers. A cafe belongs to my friend. 

Chicken avocado and hot chocolate.

My favorite.

excuse: to replanish carbo


Add slices of lemon in your drinks. Even into your gym or cycling water bottle. Not only it's good for your body, it tastes a damn good too!

RT Brothers

Brothers from 2 different generation. 

I prefer the older one, of course. 



Been craving for this since my Mid West holiday. 

I tried last weekend, but I arrived for lunch at 3.10pm. Kitchen closed at 3. Duh.

I had this for lunch.

Sake sashimi - always yummy

Fraser's Hill Solo Ride

It was supposed to be a ride with Dean and his son, Joey. I was looking forward to try riding Dean's antique Triumph but I think they were out late last night. Its Joey's last day of Christmas holiday.

Since I have psyched myself to ride, I went to Fraser's Hill, solo ride.

I don't mind solo rides. It gives me freedom for photo stops. 

The weather was perfect.

I actually wanted to continue to Genting Highland but the road towards Kuala Lipis was blocked due to a fallen tree. I changed my mind. 

I sent these photos to Dean, just to show him what he missed.