Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Short Run

I love KL

Within less than 30 minutes drive I can be here and have my Sunday morning run with my running buddies.

Didn't do my fav 10 Double Hills through Kenny Hills but it was a fun run, nevertheless.

(Very) Happy Sunday.

But, why do they have to rename Lake Garden to Taman Botani Perdana. I like the good old simple name - Lake Garden.

And, it seems that Lake Garden is under perpetual reconstruction. Annoying.

Old Charm

I had my second breakfast after my ride in Hulu Langat yesterday - at an old Chinese Kopitiam. They grind their own coffee and kaya. And the half boiled eggs are ayam kampung.


The Baby Has Arrived

I need a name for this baby that I "inherit" from my elder brother.

I have been riding it since yesterday and the ride is super smooth and comfy.

Gotta send it in into Auto Bavaria first for thorough diagnosis, serviced and tuning. After which I will explore the land with this baby - may be the islands too.

Welcome to the family.

Now, I need a name for you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Langat Solo Ride

Dr K and I promise to ride together but he chickened out last minute. Instead he went riding in Putrajaya. I love Langat so rode Langat by myslef - solo ride.

I think I was faster than my average speed - because I am a few kilo less due to the hike to EBC last year and I have been runnning regularly in the morning. I love it

I kind of like solo ride sometimes. I ride at my own pace, competing with myself. Besides I hate to promise my friends to ride with them and I ended up didn't turn up because of late nights and birthday parties and weddings.

Today was good. It drizzled when I got there but it stopped after I had my nasi lemak bungkus breakfast - with half boiled eggs (ayam kampung)