Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I need a list of retro songs

My birthday party is this weekend. (yes, belated)

I have to compile retro songs.

I have a bunch from the magic of limewire so far but being kiasu, I would rather have more so that everybody is happy. (I know it's an impossile task, but I will try.)

I've got Rick Ashley, Bananarama, Barry White, Level 42, Billy Idol, Lisa Stansfield, Men At Work, ABBA medley and songs from Barbarran days like I'm Horny etc.

You guys out there, please give me some suggestions!

Gimme your wish list!

I remember the pink cyclist used to have a list of these mambo-jumbo numbers in his "therodie blog" which is now defunct. I think theroadie is still out there either hiding or in an obvious disguise. You would help me out with these, would you?

You were a regular mambo-jumbo at Zouk and Bar Savanh.


By the way for those of you who were born later in the 70s, the original singer of Uptown Girl is NOT Westlife. Its Billy Joel lah!


crewcut75 said...
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crewcut75 said...

Retro music? That's like my middle name. Let me know if you'd like me to bring some CDs.

Anonymous said...

Sure. I have it in my iPod if u like. It is the definitive Picadilly Tea Dance Music and I have it by the following categories

1. Pre 1990 (the likes of Blow Monkeys, Cest'La Vie by Robbie Neville, Joy by Teddy Pendergrass, Swing Out Sister, Blackbox Ride On Time hehe)
2. 1990-92 (The Chimes, SWV, Tevin Campbell, The Kissing Game, Duran Duran, Sybil etc.)

The Old King & I

Alia said...

Re: Theroadie.
Look for Sergei the emo[tak pasal] playground bully at dunkdatdonut.

He'd be happy to help you out.

Leen Ash Burn said...

It's Rick Astley lah :-)

Off my head - Erasure, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Beastie Boys, Will Smith earlier songs, Spandau Ballet, that Cecelia song (cant remember the name of singer/band), Bros (heh heh), Johnny Hates Jazz.

Anonymous said...

Sibuk je Alia & Leen Ash Burn ni..

The Old King & I

nisa said...

Woooaaa got retro ka this sat nite??? I likeee!!!

shemeq said...

i totally forgotten we've got a highflying and talented composer in the house. what am i thinking!

thanks mate. perhaps we can meet up earlier and download the songs into my mac.

can u do the non-stop retro disco remix ah?

king & i:
thanks thanks.

yeah, tevin campbell. we used to go to this club called UNO (p.ramlee & pinang) at that time. brings back tons of memories....

you mean the roadie still kicking?

leen ash burn:
thanks. BROS! but of course!

let's paaaaartaay!

been a while!

crewcut75 said...

Lol. Mate, am a composer la, not a DJ...

StaRshOOter said...

Modern talking bukan retro ka?

bola2api said...

Simply Red, Right Said Fred, Carpenters, UB40..

that's all i can recall..

Sudirman? Buleh tak? hehe

shemeq said...

same same
but different?

yeah! sungai wang mari lor

sudirman. ok jugak. he has dance numbers? the upbeat one i can recall is MERDEKA