Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bella Italiana - 12

This is the current (not original) steering wheel of the car.

Enrica Nardi - steering wheel

Enrico Nardi (Bologna, 1907 - August 23, 1966) was an Italian racing car driver, engineer and designer.

He worked at Lancia between 1929 and 1937 as a truck engineer, racing car driver, and later, advisor to Vincenzo Lancia. He was moderately successful as a driver by 1932, when, with Augusto Monaco, he created the Nardi-Monaco Chichibio.

Nardi himself also competed in Mille Miglia, sharing a Fiat 508 Balilla with J. McCain in 1935 and with M. Trivero in 1936, as well as a Lancia Augusta Berlina with Vittorio Mazzonis in 1937, and a Lancia Aprilia with P. U. Gobbato in 1938.

Working at Scuderia Ferrari from 1937 until 1946, Nardi became known for setting up the Fiat 508 (chassis for the 1940 Auto Avio Costruzioni 815), and doing the development work following Massimino's design; he also co-drove an 815 with owner Lotario Rangoni in the 1940 Mille Miglia. [source: wikipedia]

Resourceful David managed to get one of Nardi's steeringwheel - with signature on it - DAMN!

What a beauty!

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