Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bella Italiana - 13

Built in 1967 - already and still

sandblasting completed

his one is for BABSTER

Bumped into an old friend - yes, we've known each other since college and he is old - at Lotus launch yesterday.

He claimed he is also a choratchoret frequent flyer and can't wait to see the progress of Little Enzo.

Quite frankly, the actually progress of Little Enzo is more advanced than what being reported here.

I intentionally practice content management here, to ensure wider scope covered in this blog. Some people might find car restoration is boring, hence I highlight my other passions in between.

In any case, I am not trying to impress anybody (for what?) - I just want choratchoret frequent flyers enjoy their regular sneaks on this space.

Oh yes, thanks for visiting.

Comments (constructive ones) and ideas are always welcome.

Don't be shy



Miss BumbleBee said...

In case im missing out your previous entries...

where's amelie?

p/s: if i can send to u via snailmail, surely can belanja maaa...

shemeq said...

virtual tehn tarik, perhaps?
amelie has gotta wait.
little enzo is my obsession at the moment.
determined to turn it into a masterpiece.
another concours material, i hope.....
thanks for being a frequent choratchoret flyer.