Monday, June 22, 2009

GPS is the way to go – from Temerloh to Kuala Rompin. I know the faster route but we decided to be a bit adventurous. We ended up in Chenoh.

It’s a beautiful quiet road. Perfect for rod rides. About 40 odd kilometers of almost empty road along beautiful Pahang river. (sepanjang panjang nye!).

I kept a mental note – should get the gang to ride this stretch to Rompin – should be fun!

There was, unfortunately a stretch of about 200 meters max where the rod is being repaired, slopes reinforced and slightly new alignment constructed. I was quite worried to drive through the rough with a sedan, but it turned out very OK.

The meeting went very well considering my first time meeting the new officer (District Forestry Officer – Pegawai Hutan Daerah). We almost immediately became friends.

I actually (I can’t believe it!) asked –

So you ada masuk hutan tak?

He smiled and said

Ye lah!

In my heart:

Dah nama Pegawai Hutan (Bodoh nye!)

But I got my message across. He promised me to invite me to go into the remote jungle of Pahang with his team when they have assignments. They like to camp and fish. Apparently there are series of beautiful waterfalls in Pahang which not many people know. Please pray it’s going to come true – at least I can share the pics with you.

We had the tarik session after the meeting in the (small) town of Kuala Rompin. There are two roads (each is about 400 meters) perpendicular to each other. One street has all the grocers and mini market etc, busy in the morning. Another one has food stall (gerai makan) and busy at night. The locals call them Chow Kit and Bangsar respectively.


But the sotong goreng tepung – calamari – was delicious! (sorry no pics. I was too busy talking and stuffing my face.


pretty said...

yes, dah nama pegawai hutan ;-)

jasni jaal said...

It's Chenor lah..