Monday, June 22, 2009

Bella Italiana - 10

David has assigned one of the boys to take out the engine and he will be resposible on the restoration of the engine.

I specifically told him to dismantle the parts carefully.

In a way it is a good training for the mechanic to learn a basic old engine - before it evolved into what we find today - engine with electronics and computer chips.

Job sheet opened. Work in progress just commenced on the engine and mechanical parts.

The mechanic assigned by David specifically to undertake the restoration of the engine under David's supervision.

The engines has been taken out - gearbox remains.

Beautiful piece. Check out the 4 exhaust pipes coming out gracefully from the engine. Look like serpents.

From the top. The pic is a bit blur. Camera shake - my hand was not stable. At the same time I was listening to David's plans.

Davod tried to prove to me that the seats are original.

Rear view sans engine.


pretty said...

cant wait for the full transformation!!!

shemeq said...

pretty: neither could I

Anonymous said...

But why????....