Sunday, June 21, 2009

I recently had to attend a meeting in Rompin.
That’s about 4 hours drive from KL.
Knowing that it was going to be a long drive and the meeting is going to be sometimes in the late afternoon, I managed to con MMK to accompany me.
He is unemployed (by choice) any way so what is better than exploring by car.

We first stopped at Temerloh.

I have not been to this town for the longest time. The long drive with my father donkey years ago with our car packed with my siblings.

I really like the photo with an old Malay man reading News Straits Times with Puah Chu Kang boots on. Credit goes to MMK who initiated the art direction. I just pressed the button on my compact camera.

I remember the old bridge (probably the longest bridge I’d seen then) – which is no longer there now – only the stumps left. I think the old bridge had more character.

MMK can be creative, when he wants to – and resourceful too (characteristic of a good salesman). He went down to the empty jetty and waved at a boat on the other side of the big river. Amazingly his wave was acknowledged and the boat actually came and fetch us.

Abang nak gi mana?

Pusing pusing! (while moving our index fingers in circular motions - luckily the boatman was not an Indonesian as "pusing" means headache or dizzy)

We hopped in and the boatman just took us upstream to see the Patin fish farms. We also cruise along the big-ass TEMERLOH signage and underneath the bridge.

It was a spur of the moment kinda decision and that made it even more fun.

It cost us RM20.

Well worth it!

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