Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bella Italiana - 06

My Rompin appointment was canceled when I was already in Temerloh having breakfast.


Made a big u turn headed back to KL.

I popped by Torino Auto to say hi to David and look at the progress of the 850. I know it’s too soon. I just needed to bounce some ideas with David. As usual, David is more excited than me in this restoration project.

He looked as if he was high on drugs when he explained again and again about the car, about the body color, about the color of the upholstery and other spares to turn the car into a Concours material.

He is confident he could do it faster than I thought. He already ordered vital parts. In fact he just called me, to list down parts he acquired today.

Like a kid who just got himself some candy, excited:

You know I got the set of switch you were worried about already. I got it here with me now. I want to take it home and show to you tomorrow.

Typical David expression of: I-told-you-I-can-get-the-parts-for-you-kinda-thing.

Oh well, why should I complain about people who do things they are passionate about?

The front badge. rare and hard to get. Still in good condition even though there is a small crack. Fixable - according to David.

Actually this is a piece of wood veneer that ecstatic to the dashboard, at the same time it also holds the protection glass to the instrumentations - speedometer and gauges.

I was quite pissed off with one of the mechanic who tried to pry out the decal. I stopped him and told him probably it is screwed from behind. True enough, there are two screw from behind.

I learn this during my furniture restoration days. Some antiques were damanged not because of old age but during transportation and preparation to restoration process. The process has got to be done delicately. You know, like the way you treat an old person. Gently.

The leftmost fixed pedal is actually a foot rest. The accelerator is ruberless, as original.

I told David and have to remind him again that he has to cover theses instrumentation. they are very delicate. The material (glows in the dark) is very sensitive.

Window frame was broken once. Need to be fixed.

They filled up the tire to roll the car into the workshop area where the engine will be dismantled into pieces. (tomorrow? yeay!)

I have given the instruction to David: Open every single thing. Change every single thing that need to be changed. Everything!

David just got these replacement switches.

Nozzle to fuel tank, located within the engine compartment but protected well to avoid drops into hot parts of the rear engine. Ignore the spark-plugs. They are garbage.

Washer (window) water container.

Impressions on the body after decal is taken out.

The front badge is in my safe keeping for re-polishing.

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