Monday, June 22, 2009

Enroute to Kuantan, we passed my favorite little fishing village called Nenasi.

I stopped here a couple of times before but just for a short span. After clicking a few pics my foot will be back on the pedal in a few minutes.

This time was different.

It was almost sunset. The kampung was, as usual, very quiet – the silence regularly broken by the passing traffic – just like me, in a hurry to go back to Kuantan.

This time around, we actually parked our car and automatically look for ways to get onto the wooden jetty then to the boat.

It was peaceful and the timing was perfect. We actually watched the sun set while having a few puffs on the mildly rocking boat with breeze touching our face. Fresh!

We even had a chat with 2 villagers – fishermen, listened to their complain about sudden diminish of fish population in their area. It was drastic (according to them) since the big Tsunami.

Some times the went out to the sea but the catch was so little, the could even cover the duit minyak – cost of fuel.

Sad really.

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