Monday, June 29, 2009

To some people, it is not a big deal. It's not even a half marathon. It's only 10km.

To me, it is a big deal.

It's my personal achievement and I can add this one in the list of things I have achieved in my life - and proud of it.

The feeling is almost similar (though in different magnitude - and altitude) to conquering Mount Kinabalu a couple of years ago, also with a bunch of really good friends.

I gotta thanks my friends who encouraged me to get into this and also who trained with me on Saturdays at 6.45am through beautiful part of KL and Kenny Hill.

That was my first marathon and it was quite an eye opener for a newbie like me. It was rather fun.

I completed 10km in 67 minutes.
Personal best.

Friends already suggested to participate Shah Alam run - 15km, early August. Has to register soon as the closing date is 4th July, I think.

Let's run!!!

p/s even though this was my first marathon, the kaki complain in me spotted a few shortcomings on the part of organizer. You know, small things that can make a lot of difference for a better organized event.


Miss BumbleBee said...


seriously, i have learn a LOT by reading your blog and all the +ve attitude in you.

*virtually belanja teh tarik for the marathon finisher.*

MBA said...

It is a big achievement and i remember my 1st 10K as well and feel so proud of myself! So should u.

shemeq said...

miss bumblebee: thanks for the kind words. i completed the race. where's my teh tarik ;-)

shemeq said...

MBA: You inspired me. Thanks. Thanks.

pretty said...

thats great for a first timer ;-)

maybe one day i will run with u and MBA.

ena said...

congratulations! crossing the finish line is an awesome feeling. Keep it up bro!

shemeq said...

jom lah!

u too dear. thanks for the pics ;-)
btw, u both look good together. i am happy for u!
i hope u r the "ena' i know ;-)