Monday, May 25, 2009

Stranger in his own land.

Well, actually tourist in his own city.

That was me, yesterday (Sunday).

Some people get depressed when Sunday afternoon arrives.

I don’t because - hello! - it is still Sunday!

Since we are in this topic, besides the fact that I do suffer from “Monday blues” sometimes, I do think it has been way overrated – especially on Monday mornings. And very especially (very especially?) when people put it on their status update on FB.

Come on and get real! We know Mondays come (and go) every week.

I spend half of Sunday in Bukit Bintang area – movie (X-Men), lunch (Nasi Ayam Hainanese – still good, but expensive lah) and drank and chat at this little tourist hotel called The Heritage while watching the world went by.

I felt I was in Bangkok with 3 great companies (ZK, HM, RII).

Before we knew, it was already dark and it was time for dinner. Seriously, I could do that for hours but, hey we’ve got to get real as Sunday was subsiding, Monday was lurking like a gentle beast.

It was a fun weekend and I just survived Monday - it was not a big deal, really.

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