Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don’t normally buy Time magazines.

To me it’s mahal, and secondly they always have it on board or in the lounge.

Today, I didn’t travel Business. Time is bad. Save company money. So I bought a copy of TIME – 100 World Most Influential People.

TIME explained how they come into “their” top 100. Fair enough. But I still think there was some names missing that deserve to be in the 100.

What about Osama ben Laden (isn’t he supposed to the master mind of September 11, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and others?), Aung San Suu Kyi (A strong symbol of democracy), Ahmadinejad (his nuclear determination that shakes the insecurity of Israel) among other.

I keep the rest of my list of 100 Worlds Most Influential People to myself.

Having said that, there are several individuals impressed me.

I think (I am seriously unsure about this) this is the first time a husband and wife appear in the same top 100 list – Bro. Barrack and Sis. Michelle from the Whitehouse (even though the aren’t).

Gordon Brown on Barrack Obama:

“Of course, his oratory is today unmatched. But his courage – the courage to go first, to lead, where none have gone before – is doubly unmatched.. When he speaks, he gives those who hear him confidence: not in him but in themselves. It was said of Cicero that when people heard him, they turned to one another and said, “Great speech”; but when Demosthenes spoke, people turned to one another and said, “Let’s march.” All around the world people are marching with Barrack Obama.”

Not many people like pax Americana, especially when Bush was in power. To me, he is just a bloody cowboy.

1 thing I learned about this land of the Free and Home of the Brave is that: The US is where a lot of people’s dreams came true. Like Sinatra said in his song: If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere in New York New York.

Is it difficult to digest – less than 100 years ago (and this is not a long time in a time frame of a civilization) there were still social segregation in the US. Skin color determined your position in a society. And now, they have a black President – probably the most powerful man in the world.

And the best part is – there is not even a single racial riot in America when Obama was inaugurated. Where is the white supremacy KKK group?

As mush as I hate some aspects of America – I still think it is a great nation with opportunities – before this financial fiasco, of course.

Mag Ryan on Tom Hanks

“A while back, I was at a dinner, and we all talk about art. What is art? Someone said art is whatever it is that makes you fell less alone. If this is true, then Tom is art. He makes me feel less alone. I imagine me makes a lot of people feel this way. He keeps our best selves, our dream selves, excellent company”

I can still watch When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle forever!

Anwar Ibrahim on Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

“The time is right for Indonesia, as the world’s most populous Muslim nation, to assume a more prominent position in Asia and throughout the Muslim world. In response to President Obama’s warm overtures to Muslim countries for a new phase in relations with the US., Yudhoyono can take the lead and chart a new course for the region.”

Quite bluntly, I would say this is one of Anwar’s many attempts to suck up to the Americans. So obvious.

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