Saturday, May 23, 2009

1st. 10 in 1 and a bit. Woo Hoo!

I have always wanted to try running but the variety of boy’s toys I have been into have deterred me.

I don’t have the time, nor do I have the spare cash. That’s another deterrence.

Today, I succumbed to the challenge.

As usual, to deter me from going out partying, I promised N to join her for a run starting at Lake Garden.

Her message – OK sharp b4 645

Under pressure and a bit of anxiety, I went to bed at 11, woke up a few times before I finally woke up at 5.45am.

Do you guys shower before exercise?

I don’t.

While warming up, TSB arrived and remind me of my pillow face. I didn’t care. This is not a catwalk. It’s a run.

Then II arrived. We haven't met each other physically in a while. Saw each other on FB. He thought he was going to see me when he read my status last night.

N finally arrived, popped up the boot of her SUV. Man, this woman lives in her car or what? She has all her gym and running stuffs – among others I dare not explore.

We started walking for a bit and began our run on Jalan Parlimen. I warned N to be gentle as I have not broken the 5km trash-hold in my life.

She took me through what they cal the “double hill route’ which basically through Bank Negara and Kenny Hills ended near Tugu Negara.

The route is not that foreign to me as I have done it on my bike countless time when I didn’t feel like a long weekend ride, or when I am too lazy to load my bike into the car.

In fact that route was my training route for my France bike tour.

We talked quite a bit while running. From politics to racial issues and even property – of course – when you pass those mansions on Kenny Hills…..

I have to say some of the houses are big but totally tasteless. But some are really nice dream homes.

After a couple of major climbs and a “surprised climb”, passing Istana Selangor and French preschool, the last turn was quite a pleasant surprise when I saw the New Bukit Aman building which mean, we were done.

Kenny Hills was a nice route. Hardly any traffic, quiet and green. I felt like I was far away from KL.

Reminded me of Bukit Kiara on MTB.

10km and 1 hour and a bit.

Kinda proud of myself and has N to thank.

We deserve a reward after the run. We went to Tangling (no, didn’t have the nasi lemakoverrated, I think) joined by BB and KL and their friend shortly after.

It was quite an achievement to me.

When I reached home, I straight away registered for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon next month – just the 10km.

Woo Hoo!

kinda footnotes:

Surprise climb – I call it surprise climb because N didn’t tel me about the climb. Since I was quite familiar with the route, I could foresee if was coming. So, the surprise didn’t quite work in the end.

N is the wife of one of my cycling buddies, N who is also a cousin to TFF.

TSB is a cycling buddy and getting into running. We rode a couple of times together in Batu 18, Ulu Langat route. Nasi lemak and kopitiam is his specialty.

TSB is very articulate and ALWAYS on FB. Always!

II is an old friend. One of the earlier dot com heroes. We work together before during dot com days when office was his home. I remember he actually have a sofa-bed in the office with huge glass wall facing the KLCC.

He gave up smoking.

II: Feb 07 I couldn't swim to the other end of a 50m pool.
Feb 08 I was at the start line in
Langkawi. Go for it dude!


Anonymous said...

see u at the starting line of KL Marathon!


shemeq said...


is that a challenge? heheh

hey, wanna train together? Lake Garden, Saturday 0645

MBA said...

I think u did very well for a first timer. Congrats and i'm sure half is easy for u.

shemeq said...

Half? I don't think so. But would love to try it in the future.