Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now the Hyatt Regency has become the biggest joke ever.

I just wrote about how unhappy I was with the services I got from Hyatt Kuantan and I have been avoiding it.

It has never been my first choice. Unfortunately my regular hotels were full.

I don’t want to elaborate but what happened was – I left my room at 8am for breakfast meeting and only came back after dinner and guess what?

I had such a long day, 2 conference calls, lunch appointment, dinner appointment….. all I think about was to get back to my room, shower (may be.. ) and hit the sack because I had a 7.30 breakfast appointment the next day.

I dragged my feet to my room, tapped the key-card and open the door.

The room was not done up!

It was exactly the way I left it in the morning – plus the door to the balcony was ajar – luckily I was on the 4th floor.

I immediately turned into the biggest bitch ever (drama kan?) and called the front office to get the duty manager to come to my room immediately.

The duty manager came offered to get the housekeeping to clean up the room.

I said NO!

In fact I said:


I want you to pack up all my stuff, get me another fresh room with the same view NOW.

And they did just that.

I have stayed at the various hotels before, from one of the most expensive to the cheapest in Thailand – I have NEVER came back to my room to find the room was not dine up.

It’s too fundamental to get it wrong.

I wrote a complain letter to the GM yesterday. The GM called me personally to apologize and admitted that it was their shortcomings, followed with a lengthy apology email and offer to upgrade me to the Regency Club the next time I stay there (big deal!).

So, Crushhio – may be I am younger than u think. huhu!

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red planet said...

oh dear .. im going to be there with the entire management team 18-20 June .. how ???