Monday, May 25, 2009

Amelie- 02

I called Mr Selva @ Tamil (current owner) this morning.

This is the 5th time since I left Kuantan on Friday.

I bet he thinks I am such a nut case craving for corroded junks.

Do I care?


I have a agreed on the price and I know it's going to cost me quite a bit to restore. Even though I don't have all the money in the world (and I don't think it going to be that much), I have time.

Selva has arrange for a transportation to ship the car to KL. It's going to cost me RM800. David said it's reasonable.

David sms-ed me the address of the location where the Peugeot going to be in a new home. Covered from the elements of corrosive rain and blazing sun.

It says Lorong Sanggul
Bandar Putri,
41200 Klang

Where the heck is that?

I seriously hope the transporter have a GPS.

Or may be it is more realistic for me to get David to draw a map to get there.

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